Mazda Protege Alternator belt location

suezeekaysuezeekay Member Posts: 1
edited November 2014 in Mazda
Ever since my original alternator belt broke I've had two new belts and a new alternator installed. It always squeaks, not matter what I've done. I even took it to a Mazda dealer. I've taken it in to be tightened several times but it always eventually starts squeaking again on startup and when I turn corners. Turning on the A/C seems to make it worse. In any case, I give up. I want to try spraying something on the belt but I'm not sure where the belt is located. There are two in front. Which one is for the alternator? I'm old, can hardly get out, but need my car once in a while. I've read everything there is to read on this subject but after a few hours I still can't find a picture of the alternator belt in relation to all the other part under the hood. All are closeup shots so no help.
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