help, ABS pulsating noise, depends on tire wheel direction

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Every time I travel, and ABS do a self-test when reaching 10kph or so. I hear a loud noise coming from drivers front, where ABS actuator is also located.

The ABS noise is dependent on the tire wheel direction,and I am experiencing this for the past 3years. 3yrs ago, I thought the ABS pulsating noise is random, but then I was able to draw when when noise is less or at the maximum level. And I suspect the noise depends on tire wheel direction.

Noise is like gears rotating and does not clamp for around 1-2seconds. somewhat sounds like ABS pulsating as well.

I have attached an image of different case scenarios when ABS do self test on startup when reaching 10kph.

t happens ONCE every startup.. Have no idea why the ABS keeps doing that, or maybe it is not the ABS that is making noise... I already cleaned both Front Left and Right ABS speed sensors,but no luck, Rear is drums and I assume no ABS speed sensor.

And the pulsating noise, concides with my brakes pulsating as well, so I am pretty sure,my guess of ABS giving noise is around 95%..

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