08 Lincoln Navigator Liftgate

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My liftgate is inop. It doesn't work with the console button, liftgate button, or remote. I've checked the fuses and all are good. There's no sound coming from the liftgate area when trying to open the liftgate. Any ideas on the problem and how to fix it?


  • rhinestonefuserhinestonefuse Member Posts: 75
    My ideas:

    1 Quick google says there are lift gate wires in the '04 ... under the carpet to the left of the driver's foot ... against the firewall / e brake area that get corroded. Easy check.

    2 Relay. I don't know where it is, but find the lift gate motor, whever it is, and have someone hit the switch while you put a 12V tester on the motor wires. If no electricy to the motor, the problem is the relay..

    3 Motor. If you're getting power to the motor, then the problem is the motor. Whack the motor with a hard rubber/wood while power is being applied to it and that may free it up (and prove you need a new one)

    Let us know
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