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Chrysler - Rumored Future Vehicles

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
edited March 2014 in Dodge
Petra02 requested a topic to discuss possible Chrysler releases, such as the Intrepid replacement, the next LX, and anything else you've heard about or wished for!

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  • boredbored Posts: 300
    LH Concorde - LX New Yorker
    LH 300M - LX 300N*
    LH Intrepid - LX Intrepid or Dodge All-Sport** or Both

    *This time around, hopefully DC will actually give the 300N at least 300 BHP to back up the name.

    **The Dodge All-Sport is a Station Wagon
  • petra02petra02 Posts: 33
    There's a good article on that says Chrysler is well on it's way to putting a HEMI V8 into the next-generation 300M, that is, the 300N. And, "bored", I'm told that the next generation 3.5L. V6 will, with some tweaks, get close to or over 300 horsepower. Since the 350Z gets 287 hp., this is certantly possible.

    If you want to see my succinct version of the Autoweek article, search town hall by vehicle; choose Chrysler. When that page loads, click on "Chrysler related". There should be a topic called, "Chrysler's future vehicles 2", or something of that nature. It's in there.
  • The LX cars will all be RWD. I wouldn't be too surprised if they also have the 4.7L V8, at least as an option. It seems likely there will be at least one variant of the 300N that actually does have 300hp, whether it is the hemi V8 or the 4.7L V8.
  • petra02petra02 Posts: 33
    I'm pretty sure the 3.5L. V6 will return, and will likely have more power. Currently, the 4.7L. doesn't make that much power; only c. 240. That's Crown Vic territory. Comparitively, the 3.5L. makes 250 horsepower. The only reason it doesn't feel fast is the "power robbing" 4-Speed, which will change when the LX's get the Mercedes 5-Speed. Furthermore, with just one more Litre, the 5.7L. HEMI makes 100 horses more than the 4.7.

    So, it's pretty obvious that the 4.7L. could stand to gain some power. And, from what I've heard, it probably will. Around 2004 or '05, the Grand Cherokee will get some upgrades to get it through it's last couple years, and I wouldn't be surprised if the 4.7's output is increased.

    So, I guess either engine could be used. I'm still betting on the 3.5L., but, who knows? Either of these engines are CURRENTLY more powerful than the Crown Victoria and Impala opponents. Maybe they'll use both?
  • The 4.7L is basically the 3.5L with 2 more cylinders, as far as I know. I'm sure if the 3.5L can make 250ish hp, then the 4.7L can make 280hp or so.
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    "The 4.7L is basically the 3.5L with 2 more cylinders"

    You're thinking of the 3.7L in the Jeep Liberty
  • petra02petra02 Posts: 33
    Popular Mechanics' has said that the V6's will be returning in the next LX's in a "Spy shots" article on the new HEMI. The article is short, so here's the jist of the pertinant information:

    "All-new items for the V6 include bellhousings, intake and exhaust manifolds, and lubrication systems."

    With these new features, can anyone guess how much the horsepower will increase over the current maximum of 255?
  • Just wondering...

    I know the Hemi engine got its name because of its Hemispherical piston shape. Is this "new" Hemi a fully new design with hemispherical pistons, or is it a rehash of the old design?
  • Truck version has 345 h.p. and much more potential. Rumored to be the truck engine going into the 300N
  • I was looking for a forum to discuss the upcoming 300N and other goodies from Chrysler.

    I am positively giddy with the possibility that this design will see the dealer showroom. Rumor also has it that the 300N will also be built as a convertible coupe with the 5.7L V8 Hemi engine currently in their Ram trucks and it will have the same design as the concept car shown back in 2000. I never thought we would see a rear wheel drive convertible land barge come out of Detroit, but it appears we may actually be getting one. Yipeee!

    By the way, check out for rumors. The site author must eat, sleep, and breath Chrysler.

  • I just (emphasize 'JUST') saw an internet news story that stated Chrysler will bring a truck hybrid AND a diesel SUV to America. I say 'bring' because the SUV is supposed to be equipped with a MERCEDES DIESEL!!!! The model is supposed to be a Liberty as a release for 2004. Of course, the head of Daimler-Chrylser stated that the American market would be tested as the diesel would be sold at a premium. I'm not sure I care because the only old Mercedes on the road are diesels. I currently own a VW diesel and am very happy. GO CHRYSLER (daimler, too!)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    What's coming out? I hope somthing that is as reliable as an Accord and as stylish as a Mercedes Benz E500.
  • with the Mercedes diesel. It's slated for 2004 model year. I've seen many car shows touting diesel as an alternative, which will be accepted in the future (near) for meeting mileage requirements. This, coupled with the US having stricter standards for diesel, will be pleasant for those that have wanted diesels in America (more of a choice, that is) and could not purchase them.
  • argentargent Posts: 176
    Some clarifications: The 3.7L V-6 in the Jeep Liberty and Dodge trucks is based on the 4.7L V-8 in the Ram, Durango, Grand Cherokee, etc. Both are 90-degree SOHC engines with iron blocks and aluminum heads. The V-6 is basically the V-8 with two fewer cylinders and a counter-rotating balance shaft. Neither is related to the 3.5L V-6 in Chrysler and Dodge cars. That engine is the largest current version of the new V-6 engine family introduced on the 1998 Intrepid/Concorde and 1999 300M/LHS models. The car engines are also SOHC, but they're 60-degree V-6s with aluminum heads and aluminum blocks with iron cylinder liners. They're NOT based on the Mitsubishi 3.0L SOHC V-6, and they've only got a nodding relationship with the old 3.5L OHC in the original 1993-1997 LH cars.
  • argentargent Posts: 176
    Oh, and the new 5.7L Hemi is NOT related to the legendary "elephant motors" of old. Other than the very general layout (they're both 90-degree V-8s, they've both got pushrod, OHV, two-valve valvetrains) they've got little in common. Interestingly, though, the 5.7L engine isn't that far behind the old 426 Hemi in actual, installed horsepower (345 hp vs. about 350 net).
  • denali856denali856 Posts: 118
    The 3.5 V6 in my 96 Intrepid is a 24-V, DOHC design.
  • odmanodman Posts: 309
    I loved the Charger concept Chrysler showed in 1999, except for the fact it was a 4-door and not a 2-door. With the return of the GTO and a new, retro-Mustang, is a Charger a possibility for Chrysler?

    A retro-styled Charger with the new Hemi would be amazing.
  • argentargent Posts: 176
    The 3.5L V-6 in the first-gen LH cars is SOHC, not DOHC. It does have four valves per cylinder, and it does have two camshafts...but only one per bank, making it SOHC.
  • Thanks for the clarification. I was merely assuming that since it had 4 valves per cyl it must have two cams pushing them.
  • argentargent Posts: 176
    A lot of modern engines have single cams driving four valves -- some others are the Chrysler 2.0L in the Neon and the Chrysler/BMW 1.6L used in the new Mini, as well as past Honda engines. It's a trade-off... Having to operate four valves from one cam means using rocker arms (and thus more reciprocating mass), and it complicates spark plug location (whereas with DOHCs you can put the plugs between the cams). But SOHC heads don't have to be as wide, they're usually lighter, and they're less expensive to build, so they've got packaging and cost advantages. Because the advantages of the DOHC layout are mostly in top-end power, it's not necessarily worth it.

    That's why Chrysler dropped the DOHC version of the Neon 2.0L added 18 hp but no more torque, and it cost more to manufacture.
  • basswoodbasswood Posts: 6
    I have always read for Chrysler news and rumors, good pics of future cars and trucks. Now it seems to be gone. I haven't been able to get in to it in 3-4 weeks. Can anyone tell me why?
  • basswoodbasswood Posts: 6
    Just answered my own question. Google search found this explanation. our of action due to massive blizzard in Colorado. Expects to be back up by Friday. (Which Friday it doesn't say.)
  • shaun66shaun66 Posts: 1
    it lives, 5 of them in galveston this morning (7/11/03), going north
    in fill battlefield disguise, blacked out panels

    and the 430hp supercharged engines, i reckon it is true, as i was overtaking at 80-ish (2003 Audi A4 3.0 liter)(not supercar, but no slouch from 70-130), and the disguised magnum, took a run from slightly behind me, and about took my doors off, i lost about 100 yards to him, till we hit about 120, then was evens again.

    that was pure american muscle, accelerated like [non-permissible content removed] off a shovel.. impressive
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