Kia Sorento blacks out when I park and shut motor.

bay4sidebay4side Member Posts: 4
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My 2013 Kia Sorento has blacked out after parking. I can't lock the doors or restart the engine for about five minuets. Then I can start the engine, but the brake pedal is in a much higher position than normal. I have a keyless system.
I find this situation very scary. What happens if it fails when I'm driving. Does anyone else have or had this experience? I'm taking to the dealer for investigation. I tread going to the dealer for anything, but I have no choice.

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  • rhinestonefuserhinestonefuse Member Posts: 75
    I have not experienced this. The electrical symptom (5 minutes) seem to indicate a circuit breaker tripping. If it were me, I would disconnect the negative battery cable for 31 minutes. Reconnect and see if that fixes the problem.

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