Replace Mass Airflow Sensor (MAS)? Ford Windstar 2003 SEL

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My vehicle was misfiring, so I replaced the plugs and wires. Ran better for a day and then started doing the same thing, so I replaced the coil pack. Ran batter for a day and then started to do the same thing. Noticed I was losing mpg. Code read that it was running lean in banks one and two, and that the battery voltage was high (B1317). Checked for vacuum leaks and couldn't find any. I unplugged the MAS and the vehicle runs a lot better and not misfiring. So I cleaned the MAS, but this did not help. So my first thought was to replace the MAS. But then I thought about the code for high battery voltage and thought maybe a battery surge was causing the MAS to malfunction.

Do you think I should replace the MAS or try to find out why the battery voltage is high? I just replaced the alternator (3) months ago. I know that this vehicle has several electrical "quirks", like flashing dome lights, uncooperative sliding doors, flashing battery light, abs light, etc. I'm just wondering which direction I should go in now. The MAS would be the most straight forward fix because it seems to be a cause of some of my engine troubles, but a new one won't help if an electrical problem prevents it from working normally. Thanks!
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