No Start, No Spark - '06 Torrent

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Couple weeks ago check engine light came on. Already had issues with ABS light and Traction Control light being on and removed ABS fuses to prevent false engagement of ABS system (I have seen this to be a common problem reported on ABS system). The plan was to replace the front hub assemblies with new ones that had new bearings and ABS sensors. After changing the first hub assembly, disconnected battery negative cable and reconnected after 30 minutes, started the vehicle and noticed no more Check Engine Light but ABS light still on. Decided to replace ABS fuses and disconnect battery NEG cable again for 30 minutes and try again. This time the vehicle would not start at all!! It would crank over fine, but no start. Seemed to have plenty of fuel pressure so checked spark, no spark!! Checked spark on 2 cylinders that use opposite coils in the coil back and neither has spark. Checked RPM while cranking with scanner to verify Crank Position Sensor and scanner showed approx 150 RPM while cranking. Scanned the computer for DTCs and scanner reported 30 DTCs, including open circuits on all 6 cylinder injectors, Got the following codes:

Is this a strong indication of PCM failure???

P0030 ENG The ENG codes are reported as CONFIRMED
P0036 ENG
P0201 ENG
P0202 ENG
P0203 ENG
P0204 ENG
P0205 ENG
P0206 ENG
P0443 ENG
P0449 ENG
P0481 ENG
P0030 MOD $00 The MOD $00 codes are reported as PENDING
P0036 MOD $00
P0201 MOD $00
P0202 MOD $00
P0203 MOD $00
P0204 MOD $00
P0205 MOD $00
P0206 MOD $00
P0443 MOD $00
P0449 MOD $00
P0481 MOD $00
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