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Can anyone tell me whats the largest 15" tire I can put on my 2006 Aveo hatchback? Thanks.


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    No one really knows the answer to that because no one publishes a list of how big the fenders are - not to mentioned frame and suspension pieces.

    I think I know what you are trying to do - find a more popular (and therefore, less expensive) size. Unfortunately, many tire shops will only install the original tire size. Further the ones that don't follow that rule are likely not to know what fits and might install a tire that is too big and then you'd be in real trouble.

    My suggestion is to work with a local tire shop and ask what they are willing to do. You might try several to get a range of options. Just be aware that there are people who are very willing to take a risk with YOUR safety.
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    vic5150 said:

    Can anyone tell me whats the largest 15" tire I can put on my 2006 Aveo hatchback? Thanks.

    Regardless of what you're trying to do, capri is right. The tires need to fit and work with your vehicle. It's dangerous to put on tires that might rub on body or suspension parts.

    Looking up info for the 2006 Aveo...

    15-Inch Rims P185/55R15

    14-Inch Rims P185/60R14

    Those different aspect ratios (55 vs 60) keep the overall diameter of the tire/wheel combination at the right size. Going larger than that probably isn't a good thing to do.
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    TireRack suggests that a 195/50R15 tire would fit. Usually TireRack knows what they're doing. That's 1.5% smaller in total diameter, so your speedometer would read high by 1.5% and your odometer would record 1.5% more miles than you actually traveled. 205/50R15 would be closer (off by .06 inches), but they don't list that size so I suspect they would rub.
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