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Toy Hauler - 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited Long-Term Road Test

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imageToy Hauler - 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited Long-Term Road Test

It's no surprise that the 2014 Toyota Highlander can haul outdoor gear or a garage band's equipment, but the efficient packaging of its cargo area is overlooked and impressive.

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    legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599
    The packaging of the Highlander is much improved with this version. As for the captains chairs in the 2nd row, I'm struggling to understand why every manufacturer seems to consider this a premium feature. The number of passengers and desired cargo/seating layout to me should have nothing to do with trim level. I imagine there are families that require every seat the Highlander offers. Why would Toyota not want to sell them the top trim level?
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    andyt_kcandyt_kc Member Posts: 1
    Is that a standard 22x18 kick drum or is it smaller? At any rate that's impressive! I gigged as a drummer with a Jeep Wrangler, so stop complaining about the Cherokee :)
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