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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • st_pust_pu Posts: 74
    This minivan is huge. Does anyone know how many lanes will it require for u-turn?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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    And you can always delete your own posts at any time with the Delete button by your post title.

    The folding seats in the eBay pics look pretty thin don't they?

    Steve, Host
  • beechmanbeechman Posts: 35
    I keep looking for a picture of the little screen in the instrument panel (right of the speedo, left of the idiot lights)...can anyone point me to a picture of the screen in action? Thanks for your help.
  • thequestthequest Posts: 11
    My insurance carrier does not yet have any numbers on the cost of insuring the van, they do have numbers for the Honda and Toyota vans. Anybody got some ball park insurance info for Illinois?
  • I thought leather was standard with SL models..
    atleast on the altimas.
    The nissan website mentions that cloth is standard
    on the Quest SL

    Also, can we get navigation system as a standalone
    package - maybe as an aftermarket offer from dealers ? without having to get leather, sunroof and all other unnecessary stuff that is not related to navigation systems that Nissan forces us to buy ?
  • modena2904modena2904 Posts: 16
    We were finally able to drive a Quest last evening. It was an SL, Sand over Beige, cloth interior with DVD system. We tested a Sienna LE last weekend, so I can offer some comparisons. Here are my random observations, in no particular order.

    It’s not very noticeable in the pictures, but the floor is tiered, with about a 4” or 5” step down from the rear seating area at the middle of the van. It’s this step down that provides room for the middle-row seats to fold almost flat. A side benefit of the tiered floor is a very low vehicle step-in height, around 16”. This compares to approximately 20” on the Sienna.

    The middle-seat folding mechanism is very slick and easy to operate. The seat-backs flip forward, and then the entire seat rocks forward to the floor. You don’t have to remove the headrests. The rocking mechanism also provides the means to adjust the middle seats fore and aft, which works OK but feels somewhat awkward. The middle seats recline easily. The Sienna has conventional tumble forward removable center seats. These were heavy and difficult to remove, and I pinched my fingers in trying to do it.

    After the slick middle-seats, the folding rear seat arrangement in the Quest was a disappointment. It’s a single bench, and is quite comfortable and roomy. But it is rather heavy both to stow and to deploy. My wife was (just) able to do it. Stowing the seat requires removal of the three headrests. A headrest storage bag is provided, but it is not very useful. You can’t put the headrests in the storage bag until after the seat is stowed, leaving you with the quandary of where to put them while you’re doing the stowing. I predict that the stowage bag will be quickly relegated to the basement and forgotten. The rear seat latching mechanism protrudes from the sidewall of the van, but the latches are spring-loaded so they can fold flat against the side to make room for cargo. In comparison, the Sienna rear seat design is superior. The seats are split 60/40, and are easier to stow/deploy. The headrests in the Sienna are integrated into the seatback, so you don’t have to worry about them.

    The handling, steering and braking on the Quest felt very good, better than the Sienna. Both vehicles have adequate power, and both were very quiet (with the Sienna maybe having a slight edge). The 4-speed transmission shifted smoothly, except for kickdowns which were a bit abrupt. The 5-speed in the SE might be better. The Quest center console was easy to adapt to, and we didn’t even think about it after a few minutes.

    The adjustable pedals on the Quest are a nice feature. But the driver footwell seems a bit cramped. My wife didn’t have any complaints, but at one point, I got my size-10 shoes snagged on something when trying to move from gas pedal to brake.

    The DVD screen is well-placed for viewing, but the player itself is awkwardly located low in the base of the passenger seat, facing the driver. A remote control is provided, which should help. We didn’t try to play a DVD, and we didn’t try out the audio system at all.

    The automatic doors operate smoothly, but require a fairly significant blocking force to reverse. The blocking force required would not be enough to hurt anyone, but it might be scary for a child. In contrast, the Sienna power door only needed a very light blocking force to reverse. The Quest non-power sliding door (driver’s side) was very light and easy to open/close.

    Overall, the interior of the Quest felt very roomy, and it was easy to move around inside. All of the seats felt comfortable. The rear a/c was effective, with individual vents for middle and rear seat passengers. There were plenty of compartments, cupholders, and 12v power points. In general, the fit and finish of the interior trim was very good, but not quite up the excellent standards of the Sienna.

    For those with single car garage doors, I measured the max width of the Quest (side mirror to side mirror) as 86”. (For reference, our single garage opening is 91.5”.)

    The exterior styling is very striking. The Quest is a good-looking vehicle. We had to fill up with gas during the test drive. As the salesperson was filling the tank, a Porsche Boxster driver at the pump in front of us asked about the Quest, and said it looked cool. So I guess Nissan has succeeded in their goal to make its minivan look less boring.
  • quest4usquest4us Posts: 1
    Has anyone seen/purchased (ajacat1, david1j) the Quest SE with the "rouge" leather? I've seen the "beige" leather and it's very nice, but the dealer has the external color we want w/rouge leather.

    Saw a picture on this web site that shows a two-tone looking interior. Thought maybe that was it.
  • We looked briefly at an SL last weekend. No time to test drive, and there was a small crowd around it anyway.

    We were very pleased with the exterior, but rather disappointed with the interior.

    The post from modena2904 was well-written and very helpful. Thanks!

    There were a few additional items we noticed about the interior. Although the middle seats do fold completely flat (nice!) without having to remove the headrests, once the seat is folded flat (with the headrest still in place), the driver's seat cannot be pushed back to a comfortable position--at least for me. The bottom of the front seat interfered with the headrest of the middle seat. I'm only 5'8", so I expect this would be an issue for many folks. Not sure if the front passenger seat had the same issue.

    I agree with modena2904 that the DVD control placement is awkward. Although a remote control could be used to operate the DVD, the remote could easily lost or misplaced on a trip. It seems it would be quite difficult to both look at the DVD screen and also operate the controls (located near the floor on the left side of the front passenger seat)--although we did not operate the DVD, so I could be wrong. I did notice that the DVD screen could be positioned a few degrees past vertical, so it might be possible for a person sitting in the driver's seat to operate the controls and still see the screen, though at a very sharp angle. Still, the DVD design seems like an afterthought.

    Overall, I liked the interior design (with the possible exception of the pod). However, we both thought the SL fabric looked and felt rather low-quality. The fabric on the driver's left armrest would get dirty very quickly if a light color is chosen. This was a bit of a disappointment because it means we would probably only be happy with the leather interior.

    I neither liked nor disliked the center pod. I expect I would grow to like it over time, and it was somewhat refreshing not to find a "yet-another-minivan" type of design. However, again, quality seemed lacking. For example, the smaller knobs for the fan controls seemed "scratchy" when being turned. This is hard to describe. They simply did not feel smooth; almost like plastic was rubbing against plastic. It was less noticeable on the larger knobs. Also, it seems that the mostly-horizontal surface of the pod--where all the buttons are--would get dusty very quickly.

    We own a 2000 Maxima now and the overall quality of internal materials (both fabric and plastic)seems noticeably higher than in the new Quest.

    By the way, I went back a second time with a tape measure. The van is pretty close to 204" long, just like Edmunds says. (The Sienna is about 200" long.) Be sure to measure your garage before buying :)
  • auribe14auribe14 Posts: 2
    The Design function on Nissan's website is finally working. When trying to add a dual-screen DVD system, it forces me to add the ($2000) Navigation System- is this true or just a bug?
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    tried to look at the interiior of a silver mist with rouge interior and the 360 around selection shows me a 2002 quest with grey leather--OOOOPPS
  • modena2904modena2904 Posts: 16
    To follow up on daveandlily's post...

    When the middle seat is stowed (with headrest on), I did notice that it was a tight fit with the front seats. But it did not prevent me from adjusting the driver's seat to a comfortable position. I'm 5'10" -- I ended up with the driver's seat somewhere in mid-travel, with the pedals adjusted as far forward as they would go. Maybe I just like to be closer to the wheel than others.

    Another point I forgot to mention in my earlier post. The tilt forward feature of the middle row seats works very easily, and provides very easy access to the third row, especially when combined with the low step-in height.
  • auribe14auribe14 Posts: 2
    We were able to test drive an SL at the local dealership yesterday, my wife is now sold on a minivan. I was also told by the salesman that the Navigation Package (at $2000) is required if you want to pay $400 for the extra video screen. What a rip!
  • david1jdavid1j Posts: 6
    Sorry, I haven't seen the "rouge" leather. we love our Beige. after 5 days, we still have ABSOLUTELY NO buyers remorse. We drove to turn in my Jeep (end of lease today) & my wife followed in the Quest. I had her pass me just to look at it driving down the road. This vehicle ROCKS. p.s. no problems moving the driver seat back when the middle row is folded flat w/ headrest still on. You do need to have the front seats forward in order to do this, but then there is plenty of room to move back.
  • Thanks for the two posts offering additional info about the (possible) middle seat interference with the front seats.

    I most definitely had trouble with this, but I will concede that it is possible it was my own error: perhaps the middle seat was not all the way down? Still, there was interference; my wife confirms this.

    We've pretty much decided against the Quest now. When we finally saw one with leather, we noticed that they did not put leather on the door armrests; they still have the cheap-looking fabric. The leather I saw was the reddish-brown color. It had a pattern on it which made it look less like leather and more like cloth, in my opinion. Perhaps the beige is nicer-looking.

    What it comes down to (for us) is perceived quality. Our perception of the quality of materials used in the interior was that it was not up to Nissan's standards from our experience (two prior Nissan's: 1993 and 2000).

    If the quality seems lacking for the things you can observe, how much more so for the things you cannot?

    The Renault influence on Nissan may have been one to improve the latter company's financials, but, in our opinion, it has also been one to lower the company's relative quality ranking vs. Toyota and Honda.

    Having said this, I will also say that I am disappointed. I had hoped that I would decide on a Quest. I had hoped for real competition for the Sienna and Odyssey. I appreciate the stance that Nissan took to distinguish itself from the others and to provide a unique personality for the Quest. I just think they took the less-expensive path.

    Just our opinion, folks! Congratulations to those of you who have purchased a new Quest. Enjoy!
  • littlovelittlove Posts: 4
    I'm just curious as to where people are test driving the Quest. I live in New York State and have yet to hear about it on any lots. I'm guessing in the South it is available. Any ideas when it might make it up here? I'm getting slightly inpatient now, I guess, especially now that I know it is coming soon!
  • sopmansopman Posts: 46
    Two dealers that I know of have them. The dealer in Albany (518-482-0100) has the leather seats and is listed at $34,000 and a dealer in Latham (518-785-8531) has cloth seats and is listed at $28,000.

    I hope you live nearby.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No phone numbers - we don't have time or resources to verify those. Better just to name the dealers and leave it at that. Thanks.

    Steve, Host
  • littlovelittlove Posts: 4
    thanks sopman...i'm assuming an sl and se...i live about 2 hours away...if they are in Albany, I would expect them to be in Binghamton soon, which is my area...I'll probably be able to wait it out a little...prices seem a little higher than I expected...i'll check out the websites to get the info on them... thanks again...

    I also have another question for anyone else interested...Edmunds lists the holdback price for the Quest as 3 percent of the total invoice....does that mean that the dealer receives that money for selling the vehicle?...or do they pay that much more over the invoice, which they have returned once the vehicle is sold? This will help with any potential bargaining...thanks.
  • modena2904modena2904 Posts: 16
    I had a chance to take a quick look at an SE last night on my way home from work -- it had the beige leather interior. I love the overall design of this car, but I'm afraid I'm coming to the same conclusion as daveandlily -- the fit/finish and quality of the interior is just not up to par.

    I was very disappointed in the look/feel of the leather. Similarly, although the skyview roof looks impressive, the sunshades for the rear skylights did not look very durable. I couldn't help but envision them breaking easily.

    I hope that Nissan gets some of this feedback, and realizes that skimping on the interior materials is pennywise and pound foolish.

    I have less concern about the mechanicals. Basically, this is the same running gear as the Altima and Maxima, and those have proven to be reliable and good performers.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's an article that goes into details.

    Since the new Quest hasn't been out 90 days, the dealers are sure to make a profit on holdback for the first few months. Who knows what deals Nissan has made with the distributors or dealers though.

    As always, focus on your out the door price and don't worry about how the salespeople are making their car payments.

    Steve, Host
  • acedriveracedriver Posts: 131
    Holdback is dealer profit which they will NEVER share with you. But, having the knowledge of holdback helps if they start ranting on how they are selling the vehicle for a loss etc etc. If they give you the old "you are taking food from my children's mouth" talk, shove the "How you make profit with holdback" line in their faces !! :-)

    Invoice price is what the dealer pays for the vehicle, but that is NOT their final cost. They get incentives, holdback, commission and lots of other hidden things which you and I will never know about. To be fair to the dealer, a price of Invoice price + 2 or 3% profit is a good deal for you and them. Some dealers hungry for sales will share their holdback or part with it completely, but don't count on it - Especially, on new hot selling vehicles (In which case, you ca forget negotiating too :-)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Sounds like the Quest is really turning more heads than a top of the line Sienna. Personally, I like the Quest, and I like how the SE has the SkyView roof. I like the blue exterior and the sand exterior. The Green Tea looks kinda ugly, just like the medium green on the Saturn L-Series. But the interior is kinda different and more daring than any other car I've seen, with maybe the exception of the S-Series/ION transition last year. Just think about it, the old Quest was dead boring, and the new Quest is full of daring and boldness that no minivan before it had dared to go.
  • modena2904modena2904 Posts: 16
    I posted in message #330 how I was disappointed in the look/feel of the beige leather interior. Well, my wife went to look at it tonight, and she really liked it. I'm still not that crazy about it, but it's going to be her car, so her opinion is the one that counts.

    I guess the bottom line is you need to go look at this car and make up your own mind. We've now got an SE on order -- Tea Green over beige, Dual DVD, Nav. Once we get it, maybe I'll post more thoughts about life with the Quest.

    One final note -- these things do not seem to be flying off the lots. Most of the dealers around here (Baltimore, MD) seem to have two or three in stock in various trim levels, but none of them has told me they've actually sold one yet.
  • A few more details we found out today...

    Regarding the fabric armrests in Quests with leather seats: although neither the factory nor aftermarket leather option includes replacing the fabric on the armrests with leather (as would be the expectation, right?), a salesman told me today that he thought the armrest fabric could be replaced with leather for a "reasonable" fee. The fabric in the middle and rear looked like it could also be replaced with leather. Still, when you add a leather option to a near-$30k vehicle, the armrests should be included.

    Regarding DVD control: all of the Quests we saw (SL's and SE's) had, at the left-middle passenger's head level, a little console that *looked* like it could be used to operate the DVD, if present. So it looks like there might be another option for DVD control besides the remote and the ill-positioned main controls at the front passenger's seat bottom.

    We saw an SE for the first time. There are a number of "design afterthoughts" in this model. modena2904 already mentioned one: the extremely flimsy retractable sunshades on the overhead windows. These can easily be snagged (and I expect ripped) on the sides of the slots they ride in. We also wondered if they would become brittle and crack after years of sun exposure.

    Another design afterthought on the SE: the extensions on the sun visors cannot be extended when the visor is in the forward position. The overhead console in the SE is in the way. The interference is through the entire swing of the visor. I quickly saw two different ways this flaw could have been easily addressed. It was obvious Nissan simply did not think through the SE's overhead console. The SL does not have this problem.

    Something else on the SE which might not be a problem, but of which you should be aware, is that the rear power door does not start sensing for obstruction until it is partially closed (about 1/3 to 1/2 way). Once it is far enough closed, the obstruction sensor works very well.

    I do NOT like the button on the rear left side which actuates the rear power door. A child can easily push this and the door will close, even with the key out of the ignition. This is a safety hazard: a child can be trapped inside or have his or her fingers pinched in the sides of the closing door. The same button cannot be used to open the door, according to the salesman we talked to.

    Finally, the grille. Super-cool-looking, right? (well I think it is) But take a close look at it. The hundreds of right angles will be AWFUL to clean! Yeah, it's a minor point...until you get back from a trip and have to clean off the bugs...

    I agree again with modena2904 that these will not be flying off the lots. Wait a few months and I'll bet you won't pay anywhere near MSRP.
  • FEHarperFEHarper Posts: 70
    Reading the last several posts, I see these criticisms as really minor. This van looks, in person, like a concept showcar. The quality of interior materials, I found, to be generally excellent on the SE, and I ordered one, also looking at the Pacifica and Sienna. I agree with the plastic curtains for the skyview roof, however, being cheap. Leaving a small child or infant unattended and alone in the rear seat of a car will get you a visit from DSS in my state. This was a Nissan concept to build an UNMINIVAN minivan and they have succeeded. The chassis, engine, ergonomics, style are outstanding and very competitive with the Toyotas and Hondas. People, in these lousy economic times, are waiting for discounts and a better variety, as the Quests are just trickling in to dealerships now in small numbers, and the dealers are asking for MSRP.
  • ncflyerncflyer Posts: 28
    Just compare the volume of posts in this forum to the volume of posts in the Sienna forum (even before the Sienna was released) and it will tell you how excited folks are for these vehicles. I went to the Cleveland Auto Show in the spring, and whereas the Siennas were packed with onlookers, I can't say the same about the Quests. I realize Toyota is a much bigger gorilla than Nissan, so that gives them a big headstart, but the buzz just ain't out there, and whereas I think Siennas will be at MSRP for year, I don't see that being the case with Quests. In contrast, I'm seeing Murano's all over and I think they've really done quite well with that one.
  • FEHarperFEHarper Posts: 70
    The Toyota Sienna has been in the dealerships much longer, for a while represented the only real alternative to the Hondas, and people were paying sticker + pinstriping, advertising fees, toyoguard, etc. when they first hit the dealerships. We went down to price them and got the "typical" Toyota buying experience. The volume of posts, I think, represents the headstart that Toyota had. The Pacifica also got off to a slow start, but I have noticed a slew of them on the road over the past two weeks. Time will tell, but I think the real advantages of the Quest will be better overall handling, acceleration, interior/exterior styling being entirely subjective (but my favorite hands down).
  • FEHarper:
    "Leaving a small child or infant unattended and alone in the rear seat of a car will get you a visit from DSS in my state." it will, and should, in just about any state.

    You are downplaying a dangerous aspect of this vehicle. It will not be an infant or small child who will be playing with the liftgate button on the OPEN liftgate. It will be the 5- to 10-year olds, playing in the back of the OPEN vehicle, at a picnic or ball game or whatever. I doubt that you will have your eyes on that kid--or other's kids--at all times. The kid does not have to be sitting in the back seat--only in the general OPEN area of the liftgate: sitting on the bumper, for example.

    I've capitalized the word OPEN several times for a reason: the button is ACTIVE while the vehicle is OFF and the liftgate is OPEN. This is just plain dumb and dangerous. And this "feature" appears on the SL as well as the SE.

    It's not such a minor point.

    And I'll agree in a instant that the Quest is a very nice-looking vehicle. It you have to buy a minivan, the Quest makes it a bit more easy to do. But if I'M going to drop $30k on a minivan, I'm not so sure that the Quest is the best investment. $30k is a whole lot of money to me, and I think I'd rather limit the depreciation as much as possible.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Dec. '98 - almost '99. Anyway, there wasn't much buzz then either and the '99 was a new model. All the buzz then was the new Odyssey of course. Sienna's were highly regarded and my local Toy dealer wasn't dealing, but Honda had the buzz. Helped my pricing I'm sure.

    The Quest better do well in crash testing or sales may never gain a foothold. I'm not sure how many people really look at those scores, but the average results for the '99's couldn't have helped market share.

    I also saw some pics of a '49 Jeepster over the weekend. Guess where the speedo and other knobs and switches were? Yep, dead center. Guess there's nothing much new under the sun.

    Steve, Host
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