1995 voyager ODB1 code 27

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I have a 1995 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 EFi DOHC
It has 240,000 miles on it. I did a top end rebuild maybe 50,000 miles ago including off the car flushing and back flushing of all injectors. It has been running fine till a couple of weeks ago.
The CEL was coming on intermittently coinciding with a misfire. The OBD code is 27, telling me there is something awry in the injector circuit. The blogs I found suggested it is most likely in the wiring. I pulled the upper plenum and removed the injector harness. I completely unwrapped it and checked for continuity and shorts in and between all leads and checked the ground splice. I found and taped some chafed and/or cracked insulation and thoroughly cleaned all 6 injector plugs and the harness plug. I also stripped back the wrap on the harness that leads back into the main harness to the module. I found a few bad spots in the insulation there and taped them as well. I put it all back together and I still have intermittent CEL on with the frequency and duration continually increasing. It does only come on once the engine is hot. I timed it today and the engine was up to operating temp in just over 2 mins then after 5 minutes ( at highway speed ) the CEL came on and the misfire started up again. What could be causing this that would only kick in once hot ( I figured a fouled injector would be foul, hot or cold ) I expect to drive this thing at least another couple hundred thousand miles but this has me stumped.
PS: I am a pretty capable car mechanic but I'm not a "pro" service tech so I don't have access to any of the high dollar diag tools and I can't afford to pay someone to work on it so I'm on my own here with the exception of whatever advice I can get here.
thank you
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