Toyota Customer Service, Cheap Interior Parts, Terrible MPG

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Update on the dashboard...I got through Toyota USA's fire wall of know nothing people at their 800 number by going to Toyota's main site or googleing Toyota executives. I actually spoke with one of their customer service VPs Fletcher Davidson who was willing to listen to me for 10-15 minutes. I was annoyed but respectful and he was respectful too. He told me he would send my complaint to the top. I also left a voice messages for another exec Nancy Fein but got nothing in return. About a week later I was called by a Celest Knight who titled herself executive analyst. She was the only one I was able to talk with. From the beginning she was rude..major rude. She mostly did nothing, based her decision to do nothing on 2 calls to regional technical and customer service managers who refused to admit that Toyota has a major problem with these cheep dashboards.

At present my dash looks like it came from a junk yard where it was kept in rain and mud. It is so scratched with holes that I would have to replace it for nearly $2500 if it was a new dash replaced by a Toyota dealer..BTW the dealers in my area are terrible. I have found a reputable body shop that will replace it with a guaranteed used dash for total cost of $600. The trade in value of this piece of garbage is way down because the dash looks terrible.

I'm getting only 17-18.5 mpg city and 23 mpg combined city/hwy.

I washed my carpets once and they fell apart.

After my dealings with Toyota USA and the local dealers I will never buy another Toyota. THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!
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