2010 Honda Pilot electrical issues with dash indicator lights?

alice1975alice1975 Member Posts: 2
edited December 2014 in Honda
my 2010 pilot is having issues with VSA, VTM-4 and check engine lights. In August they all came on for one day and until November they've stayed off. It did it for 2 days then off but now they're back on for 3 straight days now. Any help??


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,614
    Has anyone pulled codes from those systems? If so what codes were retrieved?
  • alice1975alice1975 Member Posts: 2
    VSA is the vehicle stability and the VTM has to do with the 4wd. The manual says if they're not blinking it's not a serious issue yet but I guess I need a diagnostic run on it.
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