Honda Accord 64,000 miles EX 2004 - advice

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hey guys I need some help here I'm trying to purchase my first used car on craigslist. I have checked the VIN # of a vehicle I'm interested in and have found the following information:

While checking the VIN I found that on the year 2005,2010, the vehicle's event detail does not have a REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL report. According to a website I found I should be careful and discusses the reason : Registration Event/Renewal: Annual tab renewal. Be careful if you don’t see a renewal each year, as that indicates the car was likely broken, was in an unreported accident or had some unknown reason for not getting renewed. Note that older cars sometimes have missing data from earlier years, so make sure a vehicle has been renewed lately.

The most important part I'm having a problem with is the odometer reading which was last "reported" in the year 2007 with 34,000 miles. I have put the vin through carfax and autocheck and they both have almost the same information. My next step is to ask the seller if he's willing to show any recent maintenance records which could reflect odometer reading.

So while doing some math I calculated that the previous owner did about 11,000 miles per year. If I calculated the same amount of mileage per year I simply could assume in 10 years the vehicle would have about 110,000 miles and not 64,000 as the odometer reads.
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