2006 Crown Vic blend door actuator

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I am brand new to this site and I am certain that this question has come up before...I have a 23006 Crown Victoria Sport LX and it appears that the blend door actuator is bad. I am being told by some that the entire dash needs to be replaced to fix the problem but I am also being told by some others that the actuator can be replaced through the glove box area...any suggestions?


  • david374david374 Member Posts: 2
    2006 Crown Vic blend door actuator replacement
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    david374 said:

    2006 Crown Vic blend door actuator replacement

    I found a couple of videos online explaining that to "do it right", the dash needs to be removed. I saw one where the air bag and dash on the glove box side was so completely disassembled that it looks like it might have been easier to remove the dash. If you Google "crown vic blend door actuator" and check the videos, you'll see what I mean. The door actuator is buried fairly deep.
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