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image2011-'14 Chrysler 300 Among 434,581 Vehicles Recalled for Possible Engine Stall | Edmunds.com

Chrysler Group is recalling 434,581 2011-'14 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles because the alternator may fail, leading to engine stall.

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  • valemmonsvalemmons Member Posts: 1
    This just happened to me and it was very scarry. I was in a high traffic area at about 50 MPH when everything failed on my 2013 charger...had no warning just went down and almost caused an accident. Chrysler tells me there is not a fix..i get no rental car..they will put the same alternator in my car for free ( but this could happen again and is not safe!) until they come up with a permanent fix! Should I not recieve a non-defective car at this point?
  • endurancemomendurancemom Member Posts: 8
    Oh my gosh that's scarey! I'm so glad you're okay and there wasn't an accident. I have a 2013 Charger SE and drive a good 100 mile round trip 5 days a week, majority of the trip is on the turnpike with speeds 70-80 mph. I sure hope they get these parts available and replaced before I have a problem like that. I'd be livid if I was in your situation!Did you try a Chrysler dealership or just that 800 Chrysler phone number?
  • badgermadbadgermad Member Posts: 1
    On February 5, 2015, my Dodge Challenger (2012 with approximately 47000 miles) shut down on a street in my luckily small town. Everything locked up. I was able to pull the steering wheel manually and roll off the main street onto a side street. I was only able to roll a short distance leaving my car blocking one lane of the side street. It was raining but that only made it more frustrating. I called a local service shop to see if I could get it towed there. They are reputable and were close to where I was. They were kind enough to call a tow company for me. While waiting for the tow, I called my dealership in Lakeland, Florida and explained the situation. I had received the recall notice but not the follow up notice to let me know the correct fix was available. They insisted that the car must be towed to them for repairs on the recall. The tow driver was able to get dispatch for that additional distance. He had to physically maneuver my car so he could attach the wench and pull it onto the flatbed. When checking in my car for service, I was told I would have to pay for the new alternator as well as towing and a rental car. They also informed me that I would definitely not have my car back that day as there were no alternators there nor at any other dealerships in the area or NAPA. After insisting on talking to Tim Trout, Service Manager told me he would go ahead and replace the alternator free of charge but I would have to pay for towing and rental. After a discussion which was on the heated side with both of us trying to maintain composure, he agreed on a loaner. The following morning at 9:15, I got a call that my car was repaired. I wondered how an alternator had suddenly become available so I asked if this was one that was also under recall. I asked for a part number and asked to speak to Tim Trout. I was told she would check and have him call me back. During this time I called Chrysler Customer Service where I got the same rote answer. I asked for a supervisor's number and was told there were "No other numbers to call." Teresa PS1162 in Michigan took my name and number and said they had a 24 hour call back time. She said that even though it was Friday afternoon, they would be working on Saturday. I have still not received a call. She told me they would give me the same rote information. I called Tim Trout back to tell him I was very scared of driving with this alternator after having the experience I had already had and driving on busy highways is necessary in this area for normal business. He insisted I come pick up my car and return the rental/loaner. I continued to tell him that I needed more assurance that I was not going to have the same problem with much higher consequences. I also told him I was waiting to hear back from Chrysler. He agreed that he would allow for the loaner only until Monday. I let him know that reports of this experience would be filed with NHTSA as well as Media, local congressional representatives, etc.
  • zacukezacuke Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2015
    I have a 2013 Dodge Charger that is affected by this recall and I don't feel safe driving it. The vehicle has already scared me a couple times. My power steering went out suddenly, without warning. I am lucky to have enough upper body strength to maintain control. A smaller person would not have been so lucky. Then the dealership didn't put the car back together correctly and my steering was extremely loose and I had to take it back. I wonder how close I came to total steering loss. Now this alternator thing?

    Also my transmission was leaking when I bought the car brand new. The dealer knew about it and lied to me and wouldn't fix it. I had to take it to a different dealer. The original dealer was rude and dismissive after the sale. They basically told me I shouldn't have bought a Dodge and it's my problem now.
  • dickwaittdickwaitt Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2011 Chrysler 300 which we bought new in October of 2011. In May of 2018 I took it to the dealer from which we had purchased it for a regular oil change and maintenance visit; I was advised that there was a recall for this vehicle to replace the alternator.

    We scheduled a repair visit and the alternator was replaced at no charge. This is a low mileage vehicle, as of the replacement it had 25,500 miles on it with no indication of any problems
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