Mazda 323 heater core

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I need to replace the heater core. All the illustrations of the new part that I see for sale( the nipples) do not look like whats on my vehicle. Perhaps it's a generic picture. By chance would anyone have a photo of what the heater core actually looks like. Also has anyone done that job? How difficult is it?
Oh yeah the car also has AC.
Thanks for any help that you can give


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    Remove the front seats the room that gives you to move makes this a lot easier. With Mazda's most people remove the entire dashboard. The heater core is inside the heater unit behind the dash in line with the center console. Most of them can be done by taking the center console out and just getting the dash loose enough to work around. That heater assembly does have to come out and be taken apart to service the heater core. The AC does not have to be disturbed.
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    thank you!
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