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Difference between the Roof Line Spoiler and the Appearance Package Rear Spoiler for Mazda3?

cablekmccablekmc Posts: 5
edited December 2014 in Mazda
I'm looking into getting a 2015 Mazda3 S Touring Hatchback and want to be sure that I get a Rear Spoiler for the car.

When I go to "Build and Price" the Mazda3 online, I see that the standard I Sport 5-Door version of the car ( the baseline model ) comes with what is called a "Roof Line Spoiler". From what I understand...this feature ( along with everything else ) comes with the S Touring version as well as part of the Standard package for that version. However, the S Touring has the option to get an "Appearance Package" as well....which includes a "Rear Hatch Spoiler".

I think that the "Rear Hatch Spoiler" looks like this for the 2015 Mazda3 Hatchback ( although I could be wrong ):

So my question is.....what's the difference between the "Roof Line Spoiler" and the "Rear Hatch Spoiler"?

Does anyone have a picture of either or both?

If there is a it really noticeable when comparing the "Roof Line Spoiler" to the "Rear Hatch Spoiler"?

When look at the part from MazdaGear ( which I am guessing is the OEM version of the Rear Hatch Spoiler ), I can't tell the difference between the "Roof Line Spoiler" ( which I assume is what I see on the main MazdaUSA 3 website ) and what I see of the OEM part.

The reason I ask is because the only reason why I am looking at getting the Appearance Package ( and therefore spend $1750 more ) is because of the Rear spoiler. If there is no need to get it...cuz the standard package already has a rear Spoiler....then I'm not going to consider getting the Appearance Package at all.

I can easily ask this question of the Dealer/Sales Rep....but I wanted to avoid dealing with them as much as I can while asking the question to experts that don't want to "upsell" me a feature I don't really need ;)

Thanks in advances to anyone that responds.


  • goboltzgoboltz Posts: 1
    I know this response is very late but I hope it helps. I have a new 2014 Mazda 3 S GT hatch that I just bought in Feb 2015. It came with the appearance package and from what I noticed when I have seen other 2014-2015's without the package is that my spoiler is double tiered with a small gap between the two portions. Its colored matched to the rest of the car (soul red). Have to say the high gloss black trim of the appearance package looks very nice, giving the car a subdued sporty look without overdoing it.
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