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image2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Road Test | Edmunds.com

Driving impressions of the heavily revised 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid, including information about styling, interior quality, fuel economy and pricing.

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  • themandarinthemandarin Member Posts: 436
    "The Camry Hybrid gains some visual elegance and refinement for 2015" Like that new piece of plastic on the c-pillar
  • mittzombiemittzombie Member Posts: 162

    "The Camry Hybrid gains some visual elegance and refinement for 2015" Like that new piece of plastic on the c-pillar

    It gives the c pillar a really thin look... but if that is your biggest complaint you should buy 3 of them.
  • emajoremajor Member Posts: 332
    It's interesting to see Toyota try to play both sides of the family sedan coin. It owned the segment for some time based on its interior quality and smooth ride and drivetrain. They've still got the smoothness and refinement down pat, but others have schooled it on interior quality and driving dynamics. The 2012 redesign with the SE trim was a respectable effort on the driving dynamics front, but the interior still wasn't there. This one looks closer, but the competition is really strong. Still, I'd consider snapping up an XSE V6 before Toyota and every other automaker out there switch to underwhelming turbo fours.
  • ne1butu2ne1butu2 Member Posts: 21
    I'm sure they'll sell a ton of these things and people will enjoy them just fine. Right now, there are so many other midsized family cars that look fantastic and are fun to drive. So I just don't get the appeal of this car. I don't really know what to say, except that this is hideous.
  • wiseoldfartwiseoldfart Member Posts: 40
    I'll stick with my interest in the 2015 Camry SE 2.5 for the time being. The next generation of Toyota hybrids should be interesting, especially if they go with lithium ion batteries and plug-in capability on most hybrids in the future. Gas mileage needs to rise on the next batch of Toyota hybrids as does handling and brake modulation. I might even prefer a hybrid system in a Corolla if they do it up right. It's got to be smooth and quiet and top the current Prius in gas mileage.
  • wiseoldfartwiseoldfart Member Posts: 40
    I'm not crazy about the oversize front grille on the 2015 models, but it's not a deal breaker. I'll bet they tone it down on the next generation Camry, which should have more powerful, more efficient engines. My only concern if Toyota switches to direct injection is carbon buildup on the valves. Toyota better have a way to prevent carbon buildup if they go that route.
  • ruelspotruelspot Member Posts: 8
    The new design and styling of the new 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid model will no doubt add to the appeal of this already popular vehicle.
  • wiseoldfartwiseoldfart Member Posts: 40
    A few years ago, I was considering a 2012 Camry hybrid. Due to a better deal, I settled on a 2012 LE 2.5 instead. When this 2015 model came out, I looked at the improvements in all versions and knew exactly what I wanted - the SE 2.5. So I traded up for one. The 2015 hybrid is so little improved, it wasn't even on my radar. The new Accord hybrid would have been on my radar if gas prices were over $6 a gallon. So, Toyota, until you come up with a hybrid that not only tops the Accord hybrid, but is as pleasant to drive and as quiet as my SE, I won't be interested. How about pulling the rug out from under Tesla by surprising us with a fully electric sedan that gets over 200 miles on a 10 minute recharge? I'd go for that. So will millions of others if the price is right.
  • wiseoldfartwiseoldfart Member Posts: 40

    "The Camry Hybrid gains some visual elegance and refinement for 2015" Like that new piece of plastic on the c-pillar

    I don't mind the addition to the c-pillar and don't mind the large front grille. In fact, I found out that the front end of my new 2015 SE is much easier to rid of bug splat than the front end of my former 2012 LE was, thanks to the large grille. There's also much less area up front to pick up dings from flying debris on the highways.
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