Chevy Cobalt still stalling after recall

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I own a 2006 cobalt that is still having issues with stalling and power steering loss and now my dashboard lights up with car jerking forward like it wants to shift. I had the recall done on ignition and power steering . I have taken it to my dealer i have called GM numerous times and emailed them ( which has been of no help ) They say its not their problem that my car is old and its due to wear and tear . My dealer says its not related to recall and having them try to dx problem will be of no help unless my vehicle is having the problem while they have it in the shop and still no grantee a code will come up. Has anyone else been having same issues? I have filed a complaint with nhtsa , sent a complaint to as many places , wrote to consumer reports I am so upset that they cant solve the problem with the stalling my car now sits in our yard and i am forced to buy a new vehicle I will not sell this car to anyone for fear it will stall and someone will be injured or killed I had it stop at a three way stop for 5 to 10 mins before i could get it started and safely out of harms way while flagging people by me and praying no one would hit us i had my grandchildren in the car , i will not drive this vehicle again unless GM can fix the problem. Is it just me that thinks maybe the recall on the stalling and power steering was never really addressed by the recall ? seems strange so many are still having stalling problems the vehicle needs to be taken off the roads before someone gets killed once again as before if anyone has been able to get their vehicle fixed please post what issue caused it so i can have mine fixed and what the cost thank you


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    Mine stalled getting onto the interstate. I had to change the coil pack and I have had no more problems. I still haven't went to get my recall done.
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