'01 Explorer Sport-Trac Brakes

dutch72dutch72 Member Posts: 1
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What causes "Slipping feeling" when nearly stopped. Brakes are fine!
"Is it the ABS Relay" or whatever makes "the noise" you hear just before stopping; with the Slipping feeling ??
I've heard an ABS System once or twice and thought it might be that !!
Is this an Easy Fix??

Thanks Dutch72


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,557
    One of the wheel speed signals is dropping out at low speed and the computer is interpreting that as a wheel locking up. Sometimes the system codes for an erratic signal or loss of a signal and that can assist with the diagnostics and help identify which wheel(s) speed is being lost. One still needs to test and prove exactly where the circuit is failing, because it could be the wiring harness, the sensor or even inside the module. A scan tool can display the wheel signals, as well as the solenoid commands and that shows the tech which wheel(s) signals the computer is losing.
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