Faulty TPMS in 2014 Rogue?

carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
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My TPMS reads 32F and 31R on the display. However, I used a brand new pencil type gauge and a four year old dial type gauge. Neither is a cheap model. One said 34 and the other said 35 for all four wheels. I had put air in them when cold and drove around and noticed the TPMS/gauge conflict. Checked again after letting car sit 15 minutes or so and got above readings. Prior to driving, it had been 35 in each tire on the dial gauge.

Is there a problem with the Rogue TPMS gauge? I have another vehicle with the same type display and it never varies more than a pound between gauge and display when I add air.


  • eieretereiereter Member Posts: 12
    Well, i am going to check now! I lease, so should not care much, but low tires mean higher wear and $
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Had dealer check it and he used his $150 digital/electronic/whatever gauge. Got same reading as car's TPMS. I went out and purchased a $10 digital gauge and it got same reading as Rogue's TPMS showed. Strange thing is I can use my two older gauges on my other vehicles and get same reading as new digital gauge. Also matches TPMS in another car. BUT they show 4 lbs. lower on Rogue than new digital? Wierd.
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