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gabby6gabby6 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in GMC
We are trying to order a 2000 GMC SIERRA 2500 SLE
Ext Cab S-box 4WD. We want HD trailering, Firm
Ride Suspension,Locking differential, On/Off road
tires, fog lamps, sliding window, deep tinted
glass, convenience plus group, wiring
provisions-camper. Other than that everything
comes standard with the truck. We originally were
going to get the 1500 but when we priced out the
difference between the 1500 and 2500 it was only
around $600. Made sense to get the larger truck.

Our problem is finding a dealer that gets
allocations for ordering this type of vehicle. All
the dealers in Western Washington say they don't
get but a few allocations for 3/4 tons throughout
the year (most only sold 1 or 2 last year). The
dealers in Seattle want $29308 (not incl tax &
tags). We found a dealer in Idaho who will accept
our order but said it will take 6 to 9 months for
us to receive the vehicle (they only sold 8 2500
last year). They'll sell us it for $28683 (not
incl tax & tags). (We know this is an excellent

We were curious if any of you bought your trucks
from fleet dealers and if so, where?

Are we crazy to wait 6 to 9 months?

Also, does anyone know why you can only but 245
tires on the 2500? It only comes with 245 tires as
the option. We like to look of the 265 tires and
were curious as to why you can't get them.

Any info or advice is greatly appreciated!!!


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    tganleytganley Member Posts: 15
    I just ordered a 2000 3/4 Sierra from Grant Peterson in Mt. Home, Id. Advertised price is $99 below invoice. (yes, below invoice). Don't know how long it will take. We'll see.
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    hannerhanner Member Posts: 2
    I ordered my 2500 at the end of June from a Baltimore, MD dealer with a build date of approx. August 10. They said to expect delivery the first or second week of September. I called them today and they said my truck has no build date as of yet and they don't know what to tell me but to be patient. I love GM but I'm loosing my patience.
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    iwantagmctruckiwantagmctruck Member Posts: 12
    Hello tganley;
    I also order my truck from Peterson in Mtn Home
    also on 9/2/99.
    I ordered a 2500 long box SLT 4x4.
    Did you order a long box?
    Did you work work with "Chief"?
    Have you been told if the dealer has
    received allocation for your truck yet?
    Let's compare notes and keep the dealer
    Thanks and good luck.
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    lkaivolkaivo Member Posts: 1
    I plan on ordering what you did. Set up for both camper and towing. How much did you pay?
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    iwantagmctruckiwantagmctruck Member Posts: 12
    September 1 1999 press release GM says:
    "With GM's award-winning Silverado and Sierra fully ramped up..."

    About halfway down the page at:

    Maybe those allocations will start rolling in!
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    beksbeks Member Posts: 1
    We just received a good offer on a GMC 2500 Sierra SLE extended cab 4-wheel drive. All looks great except a $580 regional advertising fee. Anyone out there see a fee like this on an offer from a dealer and were you able to negotiate the fee off FULLY?
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    rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    I've been told by my dealer (here in upstate New York)that the advertising fee is not negotiable and is part of recouping costs for advertising The fee is 1% of msrp on the ordered vehicle.
    I placed my order for Y2K Silverado 2500 Ext. Cab 2wd with a bunch of options on 8/30/99. To date no order # so I can't even track this truck. Talk about frustration !!!!!!!!!!
    According to web page www.wheels.com/reference/assembly/html/index.htm
    there are prod. delays/hold on the 3.73 rear axle, trailer pkg & locking diff. which will kick order back out of vehicle order management system (VOM) that all GM dealers use to order. The frustrated dealers have renamed this system the VOMIT system because it spits out more than it takes. If any one option is on hold or delay the entire order is rejected. Go figure ! While my order is for the Silverado they are all still made at the same factory just different tags etc.
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    fasteddie1fasteddie1 Member Posts: 20
    Back in the late fall and thru the Holidays of 1998, I really needed a new truck badly to pull my RV thru the mountains of the west.

    After deciding my needs were better suited by a gasoline rather than a diesel, there was no longer any reason to buy a Dodge so it came down to a Ford 250 or Silverado (GMC) 2500.

    I wanted an ext.cab 4x4 with a long box. All the Ford guys in Phoenix just sort of laughed at me when I refused to pay at least $1000 over the invoice and wait 15-20 weeks for delivery. So did the Chevy/GMC guys...

    As fate would have it, my mother died and I had to return to Maine for her funeral in February of 99 so decided to check out vehicles there. I ended up getting a 6.0L/3.73 GMC as above for only $500 over the invoice at O'Conner GMC in Augusta Me. They claimed that GMC sells more trucks in Maine than in any other single state and that they were the #3 GMC volume dealer in the whole country. Maybe so, because at that point I had not even SEEN a GMC/Chevy 2500 like I wanted anywhere in AZ. They even put in the extra battery option and switched the rear window to a slider at cost. They claimed to sell trucks all over New England, New York and as far south as Delaware, but admitted that I was his first AZ customer... of course it cost me some time and a few bucks to get the truck back to Phoenix, but I NEEDED the truck and had the time and did not have to wait 18 weeks to get it built and... the PRICE WAS RIGHT... so if you are in New England and looking for a good deal on a GMC, go see Mac there and tell him that Ed from AZ sent you. They did OK by me...and the truck is running just great after nearly a year...
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    tratra Member Posts: 4
    At Southern Gm in TN. They sell GMC trucks at $200 below certified dealer's invoice! That is on all in stock, incoming, or ordering. You can check them out at autos-at-cost.com!!
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    chillbilly9chillbilly9 Member Posts: 2
    I want to buy a 2000 loaded 4dr, 4WD Sierra 1500 series conversion truck. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find a dealer that works directly w/a conversion company?
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    meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
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