Car says my mpg is 30, but it's suppose to do 35 ?

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I bought a new 2014 Camry SE last spring with the four cylinder city 25 highway 35. The digital mpg monitor in the dash says between 30.6 -- 31 I drive a combination of highway and city everyday driving with five day work week. I don't do hard stopping or fast accelerating normal driving speeds only. I went on a 8 hour drive the other day on the highway through new york state and the highest mpg I got was 31. In stop and go driving I'll get around 30.6. So is Toyota lying how come I'm not getting closer to 35 mpg ? Is it norm that car manufacturers inflate the numbers to sell ? I know the EPA has has tighten the rules for the manufacturers about the mpg, but I wanted to ask anyway.

I'm not getting 35 mpg but at least I'm not getting 25mpg either so I guess it equals out I guess. Maybe someone could shed some light on this and tell me it's normal. thanks


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    Hey @fast1968, I know from your other discussion that you have 10,000 miles on this Camry. That's enough for the engine and other moving parts to break in.

    Next thing I'd do is manually keep track of three or four tanks of gas. Most of the digital readouts are pretty accurate these days, but some are off (usually they estimate high though, not good news for you).

    Right now, you may have "winter" gas working against you. And check your tire pressures. You may want to experiment with adding an extra pound or two to the tires. You also have the heater and other stuff working against you this time of year.
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