2015 Acura TLX vs 2013 TSX

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Currently in the market for another car. I'm looking at the 2015 TLX Base and also considering a certified pre-owned 2013 TSX Base ( with 15k miles). The TLX would be around $30k(plus taxes and fees), whereas the TSX is selling for $25k(plus taxes and fees), although i can try to haggle and get it down further hopefully. I've researched the TLX and know it has some features not found in the TSX, which i can live without. Also TLX is in it's first year of production so you know what they say about first year production cars. Is the TLX worth the extra $5k+? or better off with the TSX?


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    Both models have underpowered 4 cyl. and bad reviews on braking distances. If you cant lower the price on a tsx to about 22/23k.................. buy the new TLX

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