Road noise from new Michelin Tires.

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We purchased a new set (4) of Michelin LTX MS for our 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L to replace the Goodyear Fortera that originally came on the vehicle. Right after purchasing we thought they were a little loud but not bad as my wife does mostly in town driving. this weekend we were on the interstate and the road noise was so loud we could not carry on a normal conversation. I was traveling between 75-80 miles per hour. The Pilot has about 45,000 miles on it and the tires now have about 1600 miles and they have gotten worse not better. Do I have a bad set or will we have to live we these for the life of the tire?


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    This tire has mostly good reviews around the net for being quiet (, Consumer Reports, etc.).

    Hondas don't have a reputation for being the quietest cars but I'd go back to the store where you got these and ask them to check them out. Assuming the tires are okay, maybe they'll swap them out. Otherwise you may want to get in touch with Michelin and gripe. Maybe they've changed the tread compound or something.
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    Thanks for the response. we took it back to the tire dealer last night and they put it on the lift and then got it up to 40mph and the noise started - took the :Pilot to the Honda dealer today and the front passenger wheel bearings are bad and need replaced. Bought the Pilot as a certified used car with very low miles so it is covered under the power train warranty. We got excellent service from both Discount Tire and Terry Lee Honda dealership.
    Glad the tires are not the issue and even happier that the warranty took care of the bearings. Plan on having this car a long time.
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    Ah, good to hear.
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