Lincoln LS down. Help

hitman75thhitman75th Member Posts: 8
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 Car problems

1) Overheating

*but engine is warn not hot

*no boiling in the reservoir tank

 *no heat is blowing out only cold air


2) the engine will cut off

*when i hit operating temperature If im at low rpms

3) horn and windshield wipers don't work

 *Tested the the electric connection and found no power goin to it

*got a new wiper motor still didnt work

*all other controls on stick works with no problem

What i did

*Replace radiator and fan

*i try bleeding the cooling system when i open the breeder hoes white steam comes out


  • stundinastundina Member Posts: 5
    Remove the cap in the front of the motor,burp out the air,add coolant to that fill point,do not over tighten that cap,only 9 pounds of tork
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