Honda Passport headlights

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Low beams quit working but high beams still work. Checked fuses, they are ok.


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    Is it on both headlights? Low beams not working but high beams do is usually that the low beam filament in the bulb has burned out. If both low beams are out, it's possible that one was out and you might not have noticed until the other went. I would try replacing bulbs first, before I'd go looking for electrical gremlins.
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    I saw your request on the Isuzu thread. Your Passport and the Isuzu are of course identical cars. You didn't specify the year so that might impact the wiring color ID's but otherwise the answers like the cars would be identical. So here it is pasted here as well.

    The circuit works by feeding power to each of the lamps through their respective fuses, and then control the ground circuits for them with the multi-function switch. The Red/Black wire is the ground circuit for the high beam and since they work that confirms the entire circuit through the multi-function switch and it's ground. The Yellow/Red controls the ground circuit for the low beam lamp operation. That circuit has to be open between the headlights and the multi-function switch ground connection. Normal voltage drop testing routines should lead directly to the failure, and basically either the switch has failed or the wire is broken between the splice for the low beams and the switch assembly.
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