Buying 2001 Ranger 4.0 w Limited Slip or Standard axle?

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Does anyone have an opinion as to these axles? I really would like to find a 2001 4.0 with limited slip but they are hard to find. Can I tell if it has a limited slip by the axle tag and what am I looking for? Thanks Rick


  • lariat1lariat1 Member Posts: 461
    There should be a sticker either in the glove compartment or on the bottom side of the hood that tells you. Normally it says the ratio and either open or LS.
  • 1busman1busman Member Posts: 33
    I have a 2001 extend cab 4X4 with the off-road package and limited slip. There isn't any sticker in the glove box or under the hood. you might try asking the dealer if running the vin number would tell or maybe by the part number on the rear end. There is a couple of other ways but I don't want to go into them in this format.
  • lariat1lariat1 Member Posts: 461
    Maybe there is a sticker on the door, normally there is one someplace.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Member Posts: 257
    open up your owners manual. go to the axle page or wherever in there it talks about your axle. it will, because if you have a lsd, it will tell you how to drive. when you find this area, there will be codes that tell you what you have. look on your build tag in your driver door and it will say axle somewhere along the bottom of the sticker and then there will be a code stating what you have. this is how i could tell on my '93. my '01 said it on the window sticker since it is an option. also, i don't know whether or not a lsd was available with the 3.0 engine since the rangers with 3.0's come with smaller rear axles altogether. just check that code on your build sticker and cross refernce it with the owners manual. thay may tell you, it should anyways.
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    Just found a web site on one of the other message boards. Try The only thing I found was that my axle code is R7 which isn't listed, but the sticker I have says I have a 4.10 lsd
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    what a crock!
  • midnight_stangmidnight_stang Member Posts: 862
    It wasn't then(early to mid 90's), but it is now. It's a $295.00 option now...
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    The limited slip makes all the difference whether it is a 4x2 or a 4x4. About the only gripe I have with Ford at the moment is not including a limited slip with either/both their trailer towing package and/or off-road package. It doesn't cost much at the factory level and makes a huge difference in performance of the vehicle. Good luck figuring it out. The dealer could probably tell you if he changed the rear-end lube - assuming you have had good dealer. There are some good Ford dealers out there. Worth trying to find.
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