Passenger door latch - Tahoe

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I have an 02 Tahoe, recently changed the door actuators, everything good, few days ago went to store wife tried opening door from inside, wouldn't open, I go around and try to open door, won't open. Talk to repair man and told to lift the glass strip on outside of window and see if all is working, everything is working, all rods are connected and working at the door actuator(latch). Still door will not open, has anyone heard of this? If I can open door I can change the actuator and door latch, can't open door.


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    When a GM door is in the "locked" position it won't open from inside, nor outside and that's basically what usually occurs. You are trying to unlock the door, but the latch lock lever isn't moving all of the way to unlock so the door is stuck closed. We use a slim-jim (door unlocking tool) to help get the latch to unlock and get the door open. It's a lot easier to do with the window down and trim pulled back.
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    Thanks, that helped
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