GMC Yukon Denali engine noise

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I recently bought a 2005 yukon denali with 200k miles on it. Judging by the inside of the truck it has been well taken care of, seats and dash are in better then good condition. After a few days driving i noticed a knocking sound that after about 10 mins it stopped. not once when i was accelerating did it get louder. I took it back to the dealership and the mechanics said it sounds like the lifters or push rod are not getting oiled good and that there are small oil lines that feed oil to them and they can get clogged and cause the noise.. (Im not completely lost when it come to repairing but i never hear anything like his answer. ) Im dropping it off for them to look more into it and they are going to change the oil and flush the system. it never looses oil pressure nor shows signs of losing engine power. Is this something i should worry about here? thanks for all the help in advance


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    If this is losing lubrication to the lifters, which are roller lifters that can cause significant damage. It easily could end up needing a new camshaft and that is a big job.
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    Thanks @ thecardoc3. its been at the dealer since yesterday and it has yet to make the noise again. He stated he changed the oil and its holding good pressure and the pump is working good. I going to pick it up this afternoon and keep a close eye out for it. thanks again
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    One of the really important things with cars today is understanding the oil specifications. When you change oil in the future you need to use a product approved to meet the dexos specification. Your car originally required API SM ILSAC GF4, AND GM 6094M people not only often overlooked the "and" there have been a lot of things written that confused that requirement. GM6094M is now obsolete and is replaced by dexos.
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