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DIY O2 Sensor Replacement

chris428chris428 Member Posts: 1
edited December 2014 in Volkswagen
Just went for my California State smog test and it looks like my o2 sensor (bank 1, sensor 2) and my thermostat have issues that prevented The Golf from passing the smog test. The shop that ran the test then quoted out the parts and labor for replacing the items I just mentioned (o2 and thermostat/gasket).

I was quoted - for parts and labor - around $700-800, which felt pretty high. My car is getting older and it is getting harder to justify the expense. Plus, I'm interested in being more hands on with the car anyway, so I want to try this 'repair' myself. Went to the auto parts store and picked up the parts that were quoted by the auto shop, and was able to get each item for a bit cheaper than quoted, and was able to replace my thermostat and gasket successfully.

In any case, back to the O2 sensor. This is the one I'm a bit more confused about...

First, Bank 1 / Sensor 2 - if I'm looking at my engine from the front of the car, where is it? I have been trying to orient myself to understand where all my sensors actually are, but any engine diagrams I've found online have been suboptimal, and there is virtually no consistency in the diagrams I am looking at. As the first, most basic step, I will have a better sense for whether this is something I can do myself or not. I have no trouble taking things apart/rebuilding... but my apartment garage is not ideal for getting underneath the car if need be. So, if you tell me that I have to get under my car, I may have to suck it up and have them do it at the shop.

Anyway, if someone can help orient me to where I can find the Bank 1 / Sensor 2 O2 sensor, that'd be awesome. And, secondly, being practical, is this a DIY project if I can't easily work underneath my vehicle?

Thanks. New to DIY with anything auto related... so appreciate any tangential/related advice.


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