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image2011 Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee Recalled for Potential Stalling Problem | Edmunds.com

Chrysler is recalling 188,723 2011 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs in the U.S. because of a defective fuel-pump relay inside the power module that can cause the vehicles to

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  • alan93alan93 Member Posts: 5
    Called Jake Sweeney Chrysler jeep in Tri-County Cincinnati and they said that no parts were available for this. Called jeep and they said they were. They had to call dealerships and tell them that parts were available. Unreal.
  • ludwig120ludwig120 Member Posts: 2
    My 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X - 5.7L has started developing cold start issues in 2014, with only 31,000 miles.
    Took it for repair at the local dealership (Jake Sweeney Tri County 85 W Kemper Rd, Cincinnati OH 45246), was told that it is a known electronic issue and that Chrysler have remotely flushed the TIPM 5 times.
    Was surprised that I had to pay $109.89 for this service, which didn’t solve the issue. Was also very disappointed with this lack of reliability and accountability. If there is a known failure, I expected Chrysler to take ownership and fix such issue at no cost to the customer.
    The next morning – same issue again, the car wouldn't start. Had to take it to the garage again. This time they told me that they fiddled with the fuse box, and that Chrysler has told them that it might be a fuel pump modules issue (estimated at $1,769 repair).

    Following internet forum advice, in September 2014 I have called AR Speedometer in Tulsa, OK, spoke to Alan, and told him what was happening with my GC. He seemed confident their repair would cure the non-start issues. My cost of the repair service was $284 + $58.30 USPS.

    After Chrysler have issued their TIPM recall, I contacted them for reimbursement of the $451.19 costs I have incurred. To my surprise Chrysler have disputed the postage costs and some of the dealer’s repair work (which didn’t repair anything) and only partially reimbursed my costs.
    As a result of this bad experience I am very disappointed with the way both the Jake Sweeney dealership (http://www.jakesweeneychryslerjeepdodge.com) and Chrysler have dealt with this case, and I would never recommend to anybody buying anything from them.
  • ludwig120ludwig120 Member Posts: 2
    I hope that someone at Jeep / Chrysler reads these comments and that they will take some corrective action.
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