2013 Yukon Denali squeeks when applying brakes/turning right

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Hi - I have a 2013 Denali w/ 40K miles. Since we got it it squeeks when aplying the brakes lightly and als, strangely when making a right. The dealer has replaced the emergency brake and the brake caliper hardware but it's not fixed. This is my first American car and this is really frustrating. Any ideas??? thanks.


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    With noises any suggestion without hearing the sound and personally investigating is really just a guess. The first thing I'd be curious about is how much clearance there is between the rotor and the dust shield. The second would be is there runout occurring, and if so is the rotor, the axle hub or both? Depending on how light of a brake application is required to make the noise occur, and what happens when the brake pedal pressure is released this might not be something that is broken, and if that is the case, not something that can be repaired. One of the worst things that ever happens is when a tech attempts to repair something that isn't broken.

    From the scientific side, brakes turn the kinetic energy in a moving vehicle into a different kind of energy in order to reduce the speed. Generally the energy that is produced is heat, but sound is in fact another form of energy that can be produced and a light pedal application could be allowing a slip/stick condition that makes the rotor vibrate and that becomes a noise to us. This by the way is not something unique to any vehicle or manufacturer and is not a reflection on your Yukon.

    Through the years we sometimes see manufacturers release a TSB and it will advise the techs to install vibration dampers to minimize noises. Unless something like that is designed and released there just might be no fix.
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    thanks - this was helpful. I think the dust shield is a good thing to look at since the sound also occurs when making a right turn - when NOT applying the brakes - this is my first American car and I have never had this occur.
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