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1997 Honda Passport won't start. Any advice?

dan367dan367 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in Honda
3.2 L, 6 cylinder. About a month ago, started getting hard to start. Then, wouldn't start. Then, started one time, but engine shut off on the road, one block from home. Now, never starts.

Fuel gauge reads empty (below zero). I added 3 gallons. But it seems like the gauge went even lower.

Battery is OK. Turns over fine. But never catches.

Zero fuel pressure. Borrowed fuel pressure gauge from autozone. Attached to fuel line Schrader valve and tried starting. No pressure.

Fuel pump relay is OK. Swapped with identical relay for horn. Same problem.

Relay is getting power. Has 12 volts on lead 30 of the relay. Did not try shorting to lead 87.

I positioned myself under the rear bumper. I had my friend turn the key, but not enough to crank the engine. I heard a single click close to me, like maybe a solenoid. No buzzing.

I assume the fuel filter is OK, but do not know.

Have not checked for spark (not sure how). Fuel injected

My guess is the fuel pump is bad. It's in the gas tank, seems difficult to replace.


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    carandetccarandetc Member Posts: 22
    did you try starting with aether spray? take off the air filter and spray some directly in the

    hope that works
    otherwise could be the pump or starter.

    if you have manual transmission, try to roll it and put in 1st gear. if it starts it will point the issue to the starter
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    Adamhelms4343Adamhelms4343 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 1997 Honda passport drove it to the store turn it off when inside came back up to start it and will not start when I guess station got gas still wouldn't start so tell her home put a new fuel pump in it it still won't start but I spray ether in intake it will start up I don't die cuz I stop spraying what could it be please help me
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