Sequoia door locks cycle on and off in wet weather

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Vehicle is a 2005 Toyota Sequoia SR5. Door locks cycle on and off. Happens during wet weather and usually takes 2-3 hours of driving. Sounds like there is a relay shorting out so that even though the doors are already locked, it attempts to relock them. If I unlock doors using the rocker switch, immediately locks them. Then the lock mechanism tries to lock them again, and cycles through this every 10 seconds to 3-4 minutes randomly. Is there a relay under the hood which might do this when moisture enters the engine compartment? If so, where is it located and what is the part number. Help! This is driving me crazy!

One mechanic suggested that I replace the multiples computer located in the rear tailgate but he wasn't very clear about why he thought that was the case.


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    Moisture definitely seems to be getting into something and causing a short since the locks function... just too much. Looking at some diagrams of Toyotas online, looks like door control relays are typically in the passenger side of the dash. Water does tend to get to some odd places, but that seems fairly protected, so perhaps the moisture is causing a short in the wiring closer to the locks in the doors.

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