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2015 Honda Accord Sport CVT Transmission Replacement with Only 130 miles on Car

mike510bmike510b Member Posts: 2
edited January 2015 in Honda
I just purchased a new 2015 Honda Accord Sport CVT with 7 miles on it mid DEC 2014. Saw leaks in the garage and now with 130 miles on it Honda is replacing the transmission. Gulp!

I am seeking advice. I feel like Honda should have caught this on their pre-inspection checklist. I am asking them to please extend the factory warranty from 5 year/60,000 to something higher as I have lost all faith in this car.

Has anyone had issues like this with a new car? Is it reasonable to ask for an extended warranty at least on the transmission?

thank you!


  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Something like this can shake your confidence in the car but this is something that CAN happen on any make and model of car. Honda will jump through hoops as they always do to fix your car.

    Once some time passes you will regain your trust.

    I did have an issue with a brand new Toyota Celica years ago. On the way home from the dealer, the power steering suddenly failed! It was kind of scary and it drove like a truck but I got it back in the next day.

    They had to replace the PS pump and entire rack assembly!

    I kinda felt like you....what's next?

    The car was totally trouble free until I sold it with 100,000 miles four years later.

    I think you'll be fine.
  • wise1wise1 Member Posts: 91
    I bought a new 2007 SE in 2007 and the tranny began leaking within the first year of ownership. I took it in and they wiped off the tranny housing and sent me home only to come back the next day to see if it had leaked any more. No more leak in 60 miles so I waited for about 2.6 years and then brought it back and they put a "remanufactured tranny in." The car has 53800 on it now Jan. 2015 and it has not been 36000 miles since it was replaced. No more leaks but I will not buy another Honda. I expect I'll have problems in the future and don't trust Honda anymore. They DO NOT make Quality products anymore and neither does the other major competitors.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    So....Honda fixes your car under warranty and this has caused you not to "trust" Honda anymore?

    So, now what will you buy? There are no guarantees that you won't have trouble with any make or models!

    You are basing your feelings on ONE incident and now you feel that no major manufactures make quality products?

    There's always the bus I suppose!
  • stevelukas55stevelukas55 Member Posts: 2
    A few days ago the same thing happened to me at 1,000 miles with my Accord Sport and now they're having to replace my transmission. It's extremely frustrating and I'm also concerned about the warranty. I get that things happen but I can't help but feel that I got screwed by Honda. 
  • stevelukas55stevelukas55 Member Posts: 2
    2015 accord sport I should've mentioned. 
  • flylovepeace1flylovepeace1 Member Posts: 4
    You guys should know new car has breaking period, right? Treat your new car like baby, don't torture it, don't step on the gas like crazy, although it's sport car.
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