My 2014 Acadia Denali has been to the dealer 5 times for repairs in first year of ownership.

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For those of you who are researching Acadia’s for your future car, I would like to share that my 2014 Acadia Denali has been to the dealer 5 times for repairs/replacements parts in the past 9 months. My car currently only has 13,600 miles on it. At 4900 miles I had the Vacuum Brake Booster replaced. At 8500 miles I had the Master Cylinder Replaced. At 8900 miles I had to have the car towed because the stabilitrak went out and they replaced the Brake Pedal Position Sensor. At 10,400 miles they replaced another Vacuum Brake Booster. And finally at 13,600 miles I had the Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Solenoid Valve replaced. All of that happened in the first 14 months of the car. I now own a very expensive car that cannot go an oil change without multiple repairs being made in between. GMC has been non responsive until my state DMV contacted them. It is so disappointing to purchase a car that has no integrity and then try to work with GMC who only will respond if I escalate to a legal matter. I would think GMC would be pretty embarrassed to know their car has had so many failures but they are not even interested. Who knows what my 2nd year will look like but I would have wanted to have read this information prior to my purchase. The dealer making repairs has been nice, but again it is a such a pain to go up there 10 times for drop off and pick up.


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    They won't because there are so many issues with this model and if they acknowledge one, they will have to address them all. My dad's Acadia has been much the same - it is very disappointing. Good luck to you.
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    What were the symptom(s) associated with the repairs that were performed? Upon seeing that many components being replaced I'm wondering if the blame should lie in the diagnostics which the techs are not paid to perform as compared to the vehicle itself.
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