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1 Month with My new Macan S

mvmacanmvmacan Member Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in Porsche
Happy to say that I am enjoying my new Macan. It's a beautiful and unique new vehicle. I have been a BMW owner for 12 years. I felt that I wanted to step up to Porsche. I feel like part of a club now. There is something very magical about owning and driving a Porsche. The salesperson at Beverly Hills Porsche...Glen Fagin was great. He was exactly what I want in a sales representative. He knew he didn't have to sell me hard and was very respectful of how I wanted to be treated. He's also a really great guy. He is EXTREMELY responsive to my email questions and requests...even after the purchase has been completed. Sad to say some jabroni put a ding in my passenger door...3rd day I had the car out. Called Steve Brown of Dent Mechanix...guy is an artist....took the ding out in less than 30min.
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