F-150 SC vs. F-250 SD w/short bed

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OK, In about 4 months, I'm buying a truck. I'm either buying the F-150 SC with the 5.4V8 or a F-250 SD Crew cab with the same engine or V-10, depending on gas mileage. I plan on pulling a 16ft trailer loaded with either a Ford 8n tractor, a 53 3/4 chevy, or a 57 1/2 ton chevy. I will only tow maybe once a month or so, if that much. Main driving will be around the surrounding Houston, TX area, maybe 80 miles per day about 4 days a week. What's best to purchase in your opinion. The only reason I would want the F-150 is if the gas mileage difference is considerable. Thanks.


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    Either vehicle should be able to tow your loads. Although, I think you'll be close to limit for the F150. An F250 Crew with 5.4L is kind of a heavy beast, however, if you get it as a 4x2, with the 4.10 rear end, it should still have a reasonable amount of "giddyup." (Standard tranny even better, although auto has higher tow rating.) F250 with V10 and 3.73 rear will hardly notice load. V10 can be rather thirsty. I have F350, CC, 4x4, 3.73, auto - average 10-12 city, 13 highway. Best highway 15+ mpg. Funny thing is pulling load 5.4L V8 may actually get poorer mileage than V10 since it has to rev appreciably higher. Folks I've talked to with 5.4 150s range from 15-19 mpg on highway empty; not great but still 30-40% better than my Superduty. Food for thought - F250 short bed has 29 gal gas tank, long bed holds 38 gallons. Don't know capacity on F150s.
    I'm partial to to Superduty as opposed to current F150's (though I still do own '95 F150SC). F250 Crew Cab is immense inside - noticeably larger than F150 SC. Crew Cab has B-pillar construction making for rigid, very strong passenger compartment. F150 SC with rear doors has more body flex (seen many posts complaining of annoying door squeaks while towing), also F150SC basically failed Insurance Institute's offset frontal crash test - floor buckled where doors meet and there was intrusion in to passenger compartment. Superduty is much more capable vehicle than F150, higher payload and towing capacity.
    My philosophy has been to buy more truck than I think I'll need; cause invariably some day you will need it. I bought 350 vs. 250 because I got about 1200 lbs. more payload capacity - don't worry about overloading vehicle and prefer to make one trip instead of two... My truck is not my daily driver, mileage didn't really figure into my purchase.
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    I'm approaching year date of purchase. I have a
    little over 12,000 miles on my 2002 F-250 Super Duty 4x4 crew cab with V-10. Love it!!! However, it is somewhat cumbersome to maneuver around town. Especially in parking lots. Best to park way-out at WalMart and walk!!

    Considering the power and tow capability the V-10 has to offer the gas mileage is not that bad in comparing with the V-8. A gasser sure beats the $$, smell and maintenance of a diesel.

    In the city I average 11-12 mpg. On the highway I average 13-14 mpg. I do not have a lead foot.
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    At Home Depot last week, lot was very full. An aquaintance spotted me trying to maneuver into a parking spot(s). He asked me if I had called the harbor master to "send out the tug boats to help me dock the ark." Ha! Ha!
    I got last laugh on way out, I had a pallet of 32 - 80 lb bags of concrete loaded by a forklift , while he was trying to cram 8-10 bags of pine mulch into the back of his Winstar. I offered to carry his removeable back seat and two of his kids home so he could have more cargo space. Touche!
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    I currently own a 2002 Chevrolet 2500HD Crew Cab with the Duramax Diesel engine. I am considering trading this in for a 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab for a number of reasons. One is that my company participates in the Ford X-Plan. The biggest reason is that I like the higher stance that the Fords seem to have over the Chevrolets. My last three trucks were Chevys and, while I have no complaints, it is time for a change perhaps.

    I like the Crew Cab with the long bed, but I was hoping for some help. Does the Ford, in fact, sit higher than the Chevy? I am looking at the V10 with the 6 speed. Can someone recommend options to get - or avoid? I would appreciate any and all comments that you might have.

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    I am looking at purchasing an F250 crew cab short bed 4X2 3.73 rear. I do not want diesel, but cannot decide between the 5.4 V8 and the 6.8 V10. Will the truck be "lazy" with the 5.4? Is it possible that even with no load that the 5.4 will be close to the 6.8 in mileage because of the extra burden on the 5.4? I appreciate any feedback you all may have.
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    My V-10 4X4 F-250 has ALL available options with Lariet package - captain seats, back-up sensors, heated seats, in dash six-disc CD, shift on fly, off road package, chrome step bars, etc. etc.

    The V-10 has power for towing capacity and it is quick on the go not sluggishness like a diesel.

    Within the city I maintain 11-12 mpg and on the highway I maintain 12-14+ mpg. This mpg is without any towing. I currently have 12,500+ miles.

    I've had -0- problems with my truck. Be all as this may be, my wife has been giving me grief over this BIG truck not to mention our plans for a fifth-wheel trailer have fallen through like the stock market. As such, I will be placing my beloved truck for sale.

    Pipesomker - South Alabama
  • pipesmokerpipesmoker Member Posts: 23
    My V-10 4X4 F-250 has ALL available options with Lariet package - captain seats, back-up sensors, heated seats, in dash six-disc CD, shift on fly, off road package, chrome step bars, etc. etc.

    The V-10 has power for towing capacity and it is quick on the go not sluggishness like a diesel.

    Within the city I maintain 11-12 mpg and on the highway I maintain 12-14+ mpg. This mpg is without any towing. I currently have 12,500+ miles.

    I've had -0- problems with my truck. Be all as this may be, my wife has been giving me grief over this BIG truck not to mention our plans for a fifth-wheel trailer have fallen through like the stock market. As such, I will be placing my beloved truck for sale.

    Pipesomker - South Alabama
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    My condolences on having to sell your truck. Hard choice.
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    We lemoned our Chevy (2000 CC K2500) and went with an F250 crew cab, diesel, lariat pkg, but ended up with a short box to get the other options we wanted. We love it. It does sit higher than the Chev, which is great. Steering is different than the GM's, seems looser, but is okay after you get used to it. We get around 20 mpg (we have about 5200 miles on it). Oil change was wonderful to do yourself, not tucked behind like some of the Chevs. Not much we've found that we don't like - we did go with the split bench and love that compared to the buckets. Best of luck.
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    I have a 2000 F250 supercab, short bed, 4X2, V10, 3.73 gear, and auto tranny. I must be living right because I average right at 14 mpg with mixed use empty and just over 16 mpg highway. That seems to be slightly higher than most posts I've seen but I've been extremely careful in insuring how I fill the tank and angle of the truck during refill. I decided on the V10 over the V8 due to the significant power difference and minor cost difference. Also keep in mind that the super duty trucks are extremely heavy vehicles and in my opinion I thought the V8 was a little underpowered for the truck. I would rather have too much truck than not enough. I would have considered the diesel had it not been for the $4000 plus price tag. I haven't regretted my decision one second.
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    Not to knock your "living right" hypothesis, but I think your mileage is better because you're a 4x2. The 4x4 mechanicals increase weight of truck by almost 400 pounds, and even when "disengaged" have a higher rolling resistance.
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    I am finally going to make the change from car owner to truck owner. I have narrowed my choice down to either a F-150 Super Crew or a F250 Crew Cab. I have family who are car dealers,so I can purchase at auctions. I am planing on spending around 20k. I have seen both of these models in 2001's with the Lariat package in my price range. I will mostly use the vehicle for normal daily driving. I do plan on using the back seat often, to transport my two Girls 12yrs and 2mos (car seat). I do mostly City driving,going to work,dropping the kids off at school,Mcdonald's,Grocery Store,etc. The Truck bed will mostly just be used for the normal home owner, Home Depot runs, and occasionally hauling a motorcycle. I am a big guy at 6 foot 260lbs. So a good comfortable seat is a plus. I have never owned a FORD product before, let alone a Truck. So any advice would be help full.

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    I opted for the F250 SC 4x2 xlt 5sp 4.10LS rear.

    I know for sure that I made the right choice for me. The interior is larger (alot wider) than the F150, better exterior look in my opinion. (has a look of a 4x4 even though its only a 4x2).
    It does not ride as smoothly as an F150 and the 5sp is a little clunky in shifting compared to a car or smaller truck. (However you can't even get an F150 with the 5sp 5.4L).

    I check my mileage every tank, and thus far I'm averaging 16.2 mpg in mixed city/highway driving.

    While not as fast as the V10, I don't tow much or often.
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    P.T. Barnum was right.
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    I have a '99 F-150 extended cab. I really wanted a crew cab and need the full-size bed, but the F-250 was too wide for my garage without folding in the mirrors.

    When I buy my next pickup, I would prefer a Ford, but whatever I buy, it WILL be a crew cab with a full-size bed - and one that fits into my garage. Now if the next F-250 gets power folding mirrors like some of the new GMCs...
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    You know, I've never considered the width of the Superduty's when trying to go through a typical 8' wide garage door. I always put mine through the 16' door on the garage, but have never tried the 8' door. I may do it sometime just to see what you're talking about. Hmmmmm, I wonder if the dually fenders will go through.
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    Well, my summer house has a 10 foot garage door, but my in-town house has the traditional 8 footer. I have about 2 inches clearance on each side with the mirrors sticking out. I tried a Superduty before I bought the F-150, but it wouldn't fit, even though a GMC Sierra 2500 would.

    So I'm waiting for folding mirrors, plus probably 4 wheel steering, before I replace my current truck. And I'm really thinking of considering a diesel, now that they have decent performance.
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    Not familiar with the X-plan mentioned in post #5. Does anybody have the particulars on what this is? Am suddenly in the market for either an F150 SuperCrew or 250. Was driving a 00 F150 Extend Cab until Monday - totaled in a head-on collision with an 18 year-old racing his Dodge Neon (believe it or not). (Can testify to the insurance institute's concerns about off-center collisions. Had I not lifted my left leg before impact I wouldn't have walked away.)
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    Sorry about the loss of your truck. Glad you were able to walk away. Looks like a B-pillar in crew cab would make a lot of difference in cab integrity. How's the Neon driver?
    The X-plan is Ford's purchase discount program for companies/organizations that have business relationships with FoMoCo. Part's suppliers, and other vendors to Ford are included. Check with your employer. X-Plan allows you to purchase vehicle at below msrp - usually dealer invoice +4%. THere's no haggling, they can't tack on any other costs, and you're usually still eligible for rebate and financing deals. Makes buying easy. It allows you and immediate family members to buy up to four vehicles per year.
    Basically, if you're part of X-plan participating organization you apply for a Personal ID # (PIN). Then you go to Ford dealer, identify yourself as X-plan purchaser, then see if dealer is willing to sell you/order you a vehicle on X-plan. X-plan doesn't apply to certain high demand vehicles like T-Bird. When you finalize purchase/order you give PIN # to dealer and you're all set.
    I bought my F350 on X-plan. I'm a member of the Experimental Aircraft Assoc. - don't ask me why, but for some reason Ford made them X-plan participant. I joined for $40, got my PIN and ordered truck. Unfortunately too many people took advantage of EAA, so now you have to be a member for year before you can get an X-plan PIN. Ford also recently had a Friends & Neighbors program going, I think if you owned a few shares of Ford stock you could get an X-plan membership. Not sure if that's still going on though.
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    Edmunds has listed for the 2003 Harley Davidson edition:

    Invoice: $32,623
    MSRP: $37,295
    TMV: $69,178

    Are we talking $5k less than double of MSRP? It is a truck right?
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    If everything goes right it should be here sometime in January. Make a long story short, had a 2YK SD CC 4x4 Lariat, traded that for an 02 Screw 4x4 xlt great truck but found the box to be lacking for my purposes, starting regretting and complaining to the wife, so then she gave in and I ordered new truck. Looked at the new rams with hemi, nice truck, but back seat was worse then my Screw, very cheap looking gm product couldn't get heated bench, so that was out. Then I shopped strictly fords, walked out of a few dealers because they wouldn't deal, I knew I was in for a beating on my 02 but I held out. Got an 03 SD CC 4x4 Lariat, 5.4 with 4.10 L/s I opted for the bench heated, had buckets before, wanted the option for 6 people. Fx4 pkg,HD Supension,At tires,clearance lights, SOF,trailer tow/heated/turn signal mirrors/reverse vehicle aid,trailer hitch. Had the adjustable pedals in my Screw didn't really use them. I got it in Sonic Blue with medium flint interior, was looking on line at dealer stock, hundreds of dark shadow gray, few sonic blue, so I chose blue. I got the truck at Invoice-$34,200, MSRP-38550 along with the $2000 rebate (1500 is advertised, other 500 is up to dealer to give I think, since no other dealer mentioned it> so that brought the truck down to $32,200. I was pre-approved online at 5.75% for 72 months, but the dealer thinks he can beat the financing. Take the rebates, get your own financing then ask them to beat it you win both ways, you get the rebate and you get lower financing then if you would of taken their financing instead of rebate. Ford want 6.9 for 72 months and no rebate.
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    Last year when you said you were going to the SCrew, I remember thinking that I could never be happy with one. They're a nice ride for the occaisional run to Home Depot with the whole family, but I need a truck that can work during the week and still carry 6 people at times. I'd keep my '350, CC, LWB until the wheels fell off before I'd go down to something smaller and less useful. Oh well I guess you had to see for yourself and get it outta your system.
    Good luck waiting until January. ;-)
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    I'm not sure where to post it so I'm trying here:

    I'm looking at purchasing a '94 F-150 with the 5.0L V8 and tow package, but manual tranny. Does anyone know what the tow capacityis? Edmunds lists 7500 lbs, but that's the V6 and (I assume) the auto transmission.

    If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.
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