Mazda Financing Incentive?

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Hello -- I was told that there is currently (Jan 2015) a $2000 Mazda incentive if Mazda financing is used. I can't find any confirmation of this online. Is this true? Certain models only? What purchase interest rates are available from Mazda? Thanks! -- Tim


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    I forgot to mention - I was told this in the context of a new 2015 Mazda 6 in Massachusetts.
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    I didn't check for a Mass zip code but there's probably no difference. I see some cheap financing rates, a military bonus and a conquest bonus if you are trading in a Honda. Nothing close to $2,000 but best check your zip yourself.

    Mazda Incentives and Rebates

    Don't see anything different at Just a lot of hood money on CX-9s.
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    Thank you. That agrees with what I found. I suspect this was a shady sales lure along the lines of "We'll give you $2k off MSRP if you finance with Mazda!" intended to make the buyer think it is a Mazda incentive when it is really just dealer pricing.
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    I suppose the dealer could be doing some financing with another lender besides Mazda's financial arm. But why would they call that "Mazda" financing?

    There's always bonuses and incentives that we never hear about (often the salespeople on the floor don't know about all of them).

    Be curious to hear the answer when you ask where the incentive comes from since Mazda's website doesn't appear to mention it.
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