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2016 Toyota Tacoma Unleashed Ahead of 2015 Detroit Auto Show | Edmunds.com

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image2016 Toyota Tacoma Unleashed Ahead of 2015 Detroit Auto Show | Edmunds.com

The redesigned 2016 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, featuring a more aggressive look with chiseled design cues drawn from the Toyota Tundra pickup and Toyota 4Runner SUV, was unveiled ahead of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

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    reminderreminder Member Posts: 383
    Looks a lot like the new Colorado, just a different grill & tailgate. Get ready for the Tacoma, Frontier, Colorado compare-o.
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    tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65
    Notice the lead article here states ****The "redesigned" 2016 Toyota Tacoma**** NOT ALL NEW, ummm? I'll will reserve judgement until I see the mechanical specs. I can live "with what appears" a carry over body/cab with new front clip/grill. Not hot on a plastic front bumper for a 4x4 truck! Mechanical = MPG, engine, transmission, brakes (rear disc?), Interior (dash board), climate control and seats will all be key apsects. Appears there will be a power moon-roof option finally, not sure what trim level is required for it? That front "air dam" looks like an after thought! God help us if this thing has carry over engines/transmissions and rear drum brakes! I want to see mid 20's (21-23) MPG for the V6.
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    throwawaythrowaway Member Posts: 1
    @tacomamudpit, I think you might be pleasantly surprised. Ive said too much.
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    jflowelljflowell Member Posts: 1
    What is up with Toyota. I get 23 mixed city/highway on my 2014 4x4 hemi Ram and it is fast as hell, 4 doors, navigation so simple I have never looked at the manual.
    Gotten 22 mpg highway with 350 V8 chevy trucks for 30 years. Even with my fathers suburban got 20 and over. If they at least had power, the mpg wouldn't be annoying.
    The v6 is under powered so it has to struggle. Reminds me of the full size trucks I drove as a kid. 6 cylinders, underpowered, 15 mpg
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    @tacomamudpit, I like rear drums. They last forever and rarely need maintenance and they work well. The front discs do most of the work anyway.
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