Mitsubishi Eclipse or Hyundai Tiburon?

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Looking to buy a 2003 Eclipse or Tiburon. Hyundai offers a better warranty, but the Eclipse seems a little more solid of a car. Price difference is maybe $2,000. Any advice or comments?


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    While you're waiting here for feedback, you should try plugging these two vehicles into Edmunds' Side-by-Side Vehicle Comparison tool. Good luck with your decision.



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    I have compared the interiors of the two, and they are very similar. However, if you are looking for a long-hauler, I would go with the Hyundai. Mitsu is not exactly famous for the long-term reliability of its products. And you can get more features for the same price in the Tib. Definitely go with the V-6 though! I found the 4-cyl to be really slow.

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    I purchased the Tiburon GT with the Ultrasports 2 package. I'm quite pleased with the car after owning if for two weeks. I had owned a 2000 Camaro Z28, but couldn't deal with the lousy gas milage and the inability to drive it in the rain or snow.

    The car had more than adaquate acceleration and it handles really well. The interior is a little sparse, but sporty. The seats may seem hard at first, but on long trips they are extremely comfortable and supportive.

    My only complaints....torque steer and slightly numb steering. The car's handling limits are far beyond what the steering communicates back to the driver.

    I'd recommend a Tiburon to anyone looking for a sporty little coupe. You should test drive both and see which one you like better.
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    a lot of the "professionals" complain about on that car is the numb steering - it seems it is really true...Hyundai should get working double-quick to fix that...

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    I have owned an Eclipse for two years and a half and I love the car. Everytime I drive it, it gives me a great feeling. It has over 65,000 miles on it and I haven't had to put more than $400.00 into the car. This includes new brakes and a problem I had with a spark plug misfiring. The paint holds its luster if you take good care of it. I had also owned a Montero that I sold with 120,000 miles on it. I never had to replace a thing on it. About the Hyundai, I have never have driven one, but I hear that in order to keep that "great" warranty, you must follow all recommended scheduled maintenances that must be performed by Hyundai. Don't take my word for it because I am not 100% sure, but I heard from a friend who has a friend that owns one.
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    "I hear that in order to keep that "great" warranty, you must follow all recommended scheduled maintenances that must be performed by Hyundai. Don't take my word for it because I am not 100% sure, but I heard from a friend who has a friend that owns one."

    If they did that they'd be in violation of federal law unless they paid for all parts and labor. I get my Elantra's oil changed at Wal-Mart, as long as I have receipts I should be OK.
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    nippon: Hyundai isn't famous for their long-term reliability either. Eclipses are probably no worse than the Tiburon. The Hyundai does have a better warrany but who really keeps their cars past 5 years anymore? You can get a V6 Eclipse for $23,500 with absolutely everything on it and then you can choose to take another $1250 off or you can take Mitsu's deferred payment til 04 financing. What kind of finance deals does Hyundai have for the Tiburon?
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    Mitsu: 30 years of making products for the American market.

    Hyun: 15 years, during which there was a lapse of a few years.

    Mitsu has had a long time to get it right, and seemed to go downhill instead of up in the 90's. Hyundai is too new to tell, so they could still be worse, as were the 80's Excels, but they are an UNKNOWN as opposed to a KNOWN.

    Can't you get a V-6 Tib with everything on it for under $20K?

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    Anonymousposts: "Who really keeps there car more than 5 years anyway?" Well, myself and my wife for two people and just about everyone else we know. Actually the average age of automobiles on the road is about 10 years. So we are talking about a lot of 1993 models still being driven.

    Nippon: Yes, you can get a fully equipped V-6 Tiburon for about $19,000 or so. That's about $4,000 to $4,500 less than a similarly equipped Eclipse. That's a significant difference between the two models. Perhaps paying that $4,000 is worth it to some folks so they can drive a Mitsu. But given that the quality difference between the two manufacturers is about even at this point, why bother paying that much more?
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    There are some people who do keep their cars for 5 years or more but I would bet that the majority gets rid of them on the 60th payment or before. And it may very well be true that the average age is 10 years old but that doesn't mean that people are keeping them for 5 years or more. Somebody can buy a 93 Camry trade it 6 months later for a 94 and so on.

    An Eclipse is about $2,000 more. Not quite $4500. And you can get 0.0% financing on the Eclipse if I'm not mistaken or at the very least you can get deferred payments til '04 which would give you some time to put those payments in the bank so you could make a lump sum payment and cut your interest. I really don't prefer either car over the other I'm just playing devil's advocate.
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    Someone I work with purchased a V-6 Tiburon for $19,000 loaded. Sorry, but that's $4,500 less than the $23,500 you stated for a V-6 Eclipse. That's a big difference in price. Plus you get a much longer warranty with the Hyundai. If you want to pay that much more for essentially the same type of vehicle, go for it.

    And like I stated, most people I know keep their cars for over 5 years. We have other things to put our money into besides a deprecating asset. Maybe you hang with a more upscale crowd, who knows. And hopefully you aren't throwing in leasing when you make that statement. Because obviously that would throw all the calculations off, since leases are only going to be for 2 or 3 years anyway.
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    The $23,500 Eclipse has a few options that aren't available on the Tiburon if I am not mistaken. When I priced a Eclipse with comparable options to the Tiburon it came up to about $22,000.

    Why do people automatically assume someone who trades cars often doesn't already have a chunk of money going into savings/stock/401k. Maybe we do hang with a more upscale crowd but I see a bunch of people trading 2 year old cars with major negative equity and a high interest rate. Those are the people who are throwing their money away.
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    at 5 years, your car is depreciating a lot more slowly that it was new, not to mention being much cheaper to insure, so unless you are having super-expensive repair after super-expensive repair, you are spending a lot less money than you would be if you sell it and buy new at that point...

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    That $19,000 that my co worker paid included sun roof, anti lock brakes, leather seats, power driver seat, windows and locks, 17 inch wheels. What options does the Eclipse have besides those? Originally you stated $23,500, now it's $22,000. Ok, we will go with the $22,000 then, that's still $3,000 less than the Eclipse for essentially the same car with a longer warranty and just as good reliability.

    As far as people trading in cars every 2 or 3 years (purchases, not leasing), then those people are extremely poor money managers. Trading in a used car and buying new every three years is probably the dumbest thing anyone can do from a financial standpoint. You are a loser everytime. So, if you actually have friends that do that, that is a sign of either (a) they have a lot more money than they know what do to with (in which case they can send me some), or (b) they are just not very smart people.
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    jocko, they could just be people who like driving new cars, and have lots of disposable income. Leasing can be kind of a hassle (mileage limits, maintenance, etc), and with today's 0% or almost 0% financing, it is often the same payment for leasing or buying. Hey, if they can afford it, let's not knock them...

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    If you compare a base GT V6 Tib with a GT V6 Eclipse the price difference is $2,000. A GT-S comes with a few things extra over the GT Eclipse but the options on the GT Eclipse are almost identical to those on the Hyundai. Like I said, I wouldn't buy either ... I'm just looking at both sides of the fence.

    As for trading cars ... we've been through over 20 cars in 6 years. We never make "stupid" trades because we wait for the deals we can't refuse. I have a significant amount of money going to 401k and stocks every month so the money I do have left is disposable. We are a dual-income-no-children household so all we have to put our energy in is cars and our house. Call us stupid if you want but I'd rather lose $4,000 trading in 5 cars than $6,000 on 1 Hyundai.
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    Even at 23K for the GTV6 the Mitsu is cheaper than the Hyundai if you take advantage of their financing. Its zero payments for 16Mos, (no intereset accrued or compounded until 1/30/2004) and they are now offering 36Months @ 0.0% APR on top of that... so if you pay it off in 48months you pay NO INTEREST. That can save you somewhere from 4-6K in interest. Plus, if you get the Tiberon c'mon you're still driving a HYUNDAI!
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    Having sold cars for a while, I can tell you that that 0-0-0 isn't free or easy, no matter how tantalizing your spreadsheet math is. Most of the time you're driving the car--making payments or not--you're upside down on equity vs. debt. Crash one in the first 32 months and see how it feels to owe more than your insurance company will pay. (Of course, you can pay extra for gap insurance, a smart move in this case.)

    Or you might decide after a couple of years that the Mitsu isn't everything you thought it would be and you want to trade up/sell your way into another vehicle. Oops! Better have some extra cash to cover the gap. (There's no insurance for this.)

    If you decide to ride the first year with no payments, you'll be looking at payments WAY OVER $680 a month to get the zero financing. If you're more disciplined and start paying right away you're still paying way north of $520 a month. You'd be much better off to do this, obviously, but that's a steep payment for a lot of people.

    Okay, you could walk in with $5k to $8k down and the numbers would look pretty good, but that's not the target of Mitsubishi's marketing on this, is it? Plus, if you take that money out of savings to do this, you're losing money to reduce your payments. It's a kind of hidden interest, isn't it?

    Plus, c'mon, you're driving a Mitsubishi, a car that has to be given away free for a year to keep its sales afloat. (Sorry ;-)) All I'm really saying is that nothing's simple in these financing deals and there are too many "if's" in the Mitsu deal to make a compelling comparison on financing alone.
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    "Plus, if you get the Tiberon c'mon you're still driving a HYUNDAI!"

    I am sorry but is driving a mitsubishi going to have any more snob appeal??? At this end of the market who really cares what name is on the trunk.

    I'll bet if you play it right you could get the dealer to sell you the Tiburon for such a low price that it would make Mitsu's financing not much of an issue.

    The Tiburon is the best Korean car ever made and a damn pretty one to boot. The new eclipse has a piggy nose bulge and ugly fake carbon-fiber clear-out tail lights. I say get the Tib.
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    doug: Somebody buying a Hyundai would be in the same boat if they wanted to trade after 1 year. On a 0% loan on "most" vehicles you will be at least even after 3 years assuming you took a 60 month loan. The Mitsu driver would be no worse off than a Hyundai driver if they totalled the car after a few months and didn't have gap. Gap doesn't come in the Mitsu contract (to my knowledge no manufacturer finance company includes gap standard in their contracts) but you can purchase gap through most insurance companies for any vehicle.

    There are alot of "ifs" in buying a Hyundai as well. Their reputation is improving but their resale value is still horrendous.
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    Does a mitsubishi really hold its value that much better?
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    It's not much better. Maybe a tad better. But it's no worse than Hyundai and the previous post implied that you would be buried in the Eclipse after a couple of years even with 0.0% interest .. my only point was that you would also be buried in the Tiburon. Neither one's claim to fame is their resale value.
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    Yes, you could be buried in debt in any car, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Dodge, Audi, or Maserati...

    However, my point in rebuttal to the statement that a loaded V6 Eclipse could be had for the same (or less) money as the loaded V6 Tiburon was that there were too many "if's" and too many financial risks, especially if the "free" period of no payments for a year was applied. Then one would be totally upside down for the first twelve months and the financial burden of getting right side up would be the reality of very high payments.

    I didn't really address resale value, which in this segment is terrible. If you don't want to feel that pain, buy a used car.
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    0.0% will go a long way towards closing the price gap between the Eclipse and Tiburon. A Eclipse GT with the Sun/Sound/Leather package goes for $21,000 on carsdirect and a Tiburon goes for $17,000. If you figure the Tiburon at 7.0% for 60 months it will total up to $20,000 which closes the $4,000 price difference to $1000. Figure in they will both depreciate steeply and there won't be much of a difference when it comes trade-in time. And the Eclipse GT has 20 more HP than Hyundai reported but it has 30 more HP than the Tiburon actually has.
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    It all comes down to spending 20K for a unproven car, engine. Don;t get me wrong the Tiberon would be great if it was $14000, NOT $20000! If you want to spend 20K look at the Acura RSX with the leather package. Then actually go down and sit in it and drive it. The difference is night and day not only the the quality but the power and handling as well. Also for a couple K more you can get it with 200HP. So, unless you have a mullet and answer to Bo or Bubba, and have a half of brain, don't spend that much money on a Hyundai.
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    Yeah I would probably buy a base RSX over both of these cars as well. Don't let the V6 engine option sell you. That just means they are nose heavy and the hike in torque also means more torque steer. The four cylinder Tiburon makes more sense. But if performance is your thing a base RSX will be sportier than all of these cars, even the 200hp eclipse.
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    The Hyundai base engine architecture will (this has been confirmed in the press already) be used by ALL of DCX (this includes Mercedes). Each Group will design and engineer it's own unique models from this base architechure. Everything from a 80-90hp 1.1L to a fire breathing 300hp 2.5L is possible from the base engine.
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    SEOUL (Bloomberg) Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea's largest automaker, said its new venture with DaimlerChrysler AG and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. will use an engine based on its technology and lead to royalty payments from the partners.

    The automakers will each make 500,000 passenger car engines, based on Hyundai Motor's newly developed model. The 1.8 to 2.4- liter engines will be made at the automakers' own plants and be used for their own future models. The Korean automaker expects to receive royalty payments for its engine design starting in 2005.

    The three automakers signed an accord yesterday to set up a venture for the design and development of four-cylinder gasoline engines. The venture, called Global Engine Alliance L.L.P., will be equally owned by the three companies. DaimlerChrysler owns 10.5 percent of Hyundai Motor and 37 percent of Mitsubishi Motors and is looking for ways to reduce costs and risks in developing cars.

    "The agreement is a sign that Hyundai Motor has gained acceptance for its technology for engines used in smaller cars," said Lee Young Seog, who manages 500 billion won ($390 million) at Dongwon BNP Investment Trust Management Co. "The next step for Hyundai will be to raise its competitiveness for engines for bigger cars."

    Hyundai Motor will begin using the engines for its own cars in March 2004, DaimlerChrysler will start using the engines in June 2005 and Mitsubishi Motors will begin using the engines in March 2006.

    DaimlerChrysler and Hyundai Motor formed a venture last year to produce engines for commercial vehicles.

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    LOL, yeah I guess you might get that rate if you have terrible credit. My credit union is giving 5.25% on 60 month car loans.

    And sorry but the price differential between a fully equiped Tiburon and a similarly equiped Eclipse is still to much for the Eclipse to overcome. The quality of the two makes is essentially the same at this point and Hyundai offers a much better warranty.

    And like was pointed out earlier, if you do o% financing and don't make any payments for a year when you do start making payments, besides being majorly upside down on that Mitsu, your monthly payments would be unbelievable.

    Nice try though. Mitsubishi ought to give you a commission for your posts. LOL.
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    The average interest rate is 6.3% right now on new cars.

    Let's use carsdirect prices since they are easily available to anyone.

    03 Tiburon GT V6 with Option Package 17 (sunroof, power package, etc) $18,960

    03 Eclipse GT V6 with Sun, Sound, Leather package $21,486

    03 Tiburon at 6.3% = $369 p/ month

    03 Eclipse at 1.0% (it won't let you calculate 0.0% on bankrates calculator) = $367 p/ month.

    So the Eclipse has closed an almost $3000 gap. Neither of these cars are winning the resale value race right now so you would be equally upside down in the Tiburon since you are paying interest where even if you don't make payments for a year in the Eclipse when you do start making payments all of the money will go to your principal.

    I'm not trying to sell the Eclipse here but if you compare the 2 the Tiburon isn't the raging bargain that people make it out to be.

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    5.25 is not the norm through regular banks. With excellent credit, the best Suntrust offers is 6.9. No credit buys you 12.75. And terrible credit would net you between 13-18%. So credit rates aren't as great as you may think.

    As for the 000 deal on the Eclipse, why do you think the payments would be unbelievably high? If you make no payments for a year, your payments will be higher then if you did, but they won't be outrageous. In essence, you are taking on a 6 year loan, of which only 5 years you are required to make payments. Are you thinking that the 1 year of no payments counts as one of the 5 years, thus making it a 4 year loan? If so, that's not the case. At any rate, between these two cars, I would choose the Tiburon hands down, simply because I love its looks, inside and out. The Eclipse is ok looking, but nowhere near as stylish as the Tiburon. Plus, its extra 30 horses doesn't appear to make much of a difference. The GTS achieves 0-60 in 6.7 and the Tib GT in 7.1. However, the regular Eclipse GT gets to 60 in 7.0. The Tib's 7.1 sec run is pretty impressive for an engine rated at 170.
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    So the resale values we are talking about here are pretty bad. If you buy one of these cars new, it stands to good reason that you would hold on to it for a while to avoid suffering a big loss. If you are going to be stuck with the car for a long time, and these two are so very equal in all areas, makes sense to get the one where parts are covered for longer. So with this reality I say the Tiburon gets the nod for its warranty.
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    about the L.A. Lincoln dealers who have a promotion running: buy a Blackwood at full price, and get a brand new Cougar for free! Apparently invoice price of a Cougar is less than the profit margin on a new Blackwood sold at sticker.

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    Mitsubishi December 02 programs allow buying a new Eclipse and getting 0% interest for 60 months. As for that Hyundai, the warranty is not backed by Hyundai, it is through a 3rd party & if they go out of business, your out of luck. Check each car for retention of original price, the Eclipse wins hands down.
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    You can get 0.0% on any 02-03 Eclipse.
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    What in the heck are you talking about?? The Hyundai advantage is a Hyundai warranty backed by Hyundai. When you do warranty repairs, Hyundai is charged by the dealer. I have never heard such nonsense about 3rd parties. That's only true if you buy an aftermarket warranty on a used car. Let's not spread false info here to make your product sound better.
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    No, that is incorrect csandste. Any warranty given to a consumer can be null and void if the consumer does not follow the appropiate guidelines. If you do not take care of your car, and cause thousands of dollars of damage to it, the dealership has the right to void the warranty. Any outside mechanic can fix your car, but there is no gurantee it was done right. Bringing it to Hynudai only insures that you are protected.
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    My teenage son has pretty much convinced us to buy a 2003 Tiburon or Eclipse. But after I test drove each I am very concerned about visibility over the driver's left shoulder to see cars in the left rear quarter blind spot. There seems to be NO visibility to me! The headrest and pillar block it completely. I may be a boring old parent, but how do people drive these things - how do you safely merge left onto freeways, etc??
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  • toyunkitoyunki Member Posts: 25
    2003 Hyundai Tiburon
    GT V6 2dr Coupe (2.7L 6cyl 6M)
    MSRP $20,522 TMV(true market value) $19,049
    Standard features

    17 X 7 alloy rims
    215/45R17 Micheline tires
    leather package
    power package
    Infinity 360 watts CD sound system w/subwoofer

    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse
    GTS 2dr Hatchback (3.0L 6cyl 5M)
    MSRP $24,752 TMV(true market value)

    Standard Options
    5 spd
    17 X 6.5 rims
    leather package
    power package
    Infinity 210 watts
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    Standard Features are almost same With MSRP
    Tiburon is $4,200 cheaper

    With TMV Tiburon is $3,465 cheaper

    if you don't have good credit then interest offer does not matter BUY TIBURON. instead American touring coupe Eclipse. with same engine, and chassis Chrysler's Sebring looks better.

    if You have Great credit rate

    Eclipse for 0% for 36 month
    $22,514+(Sales tax 7%)$1,576
    36 month $669/month
    60 month with %2.9: $432/month

    Tiburon for %5 (with great credit most banks today offer uner 5% interest for 5 years)

    60 month $385/month
    total include interest
    $23,100 60 month interest $2780

    Even with my good credit I can't pay $670 per month And most others are same. If I pay $670, I will buy BMW. or Mercedes C-coupe which cost about $3,000 more than Eclipse.
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    It might be $670 but the car would be payed off when you are just in the middle of your BMW/MB loan. Also you have to factor in the one year of deferred payments that Mitsu is offering.

    Neither one is at the top of their class so just buy the one you can live with the most. Neither is going to break records come trade-in time.
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    I made mistake as edmunds price. Edmunds' price was including most expensive package option cost about $1600. But Eclipse doesn't include option in its price.

    So differece will be more than $5,000 between Eclipse GTS and Tiburon GT basedon of standard model with above listed features.

    it will be around $17,400 for Tiburon GT 6 spd.
    including DES Charge. Which is almost cheap as Civic EX.
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    The Tiburon looks like a million bucks while the Eclipse look like $100.The Tiburon looks like an expensive Italian sports car.
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    bucks compared to just about everything else on the road. I have my eye firmly planted on one of them for my next car. Too good of a deal to pass up. You can get an I-4 16-valve DOHC w/5-speed tranny and loads of standard features(all I'd want)for around $15,999. With great looks like that the offer is too good to overlook. I've been following the reliability reports from the first year of the new Tiburon model and they've been generally really good. People have had some issues with failing moonroof operation and chipped paint around their spoilers and/or door sill. Of course the warranty covers the fixes on those. The basic powertrains are performing well-people are occasionally having trim-related problems-ticky-tack pickups that are annoying but nothing to stop one that wants one of these beautiful sports cars from buying one.

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