2002 GMC Sierra 1500 Stalling Issues

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Hey y'all,
I'm helping a friend out with his 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 w/ 4.8 VorTec engine(recently bought used) approx. current mileage: 90,000. It began to stall about 2 weeks ago and yesterday after picking it up from the shop, it stalled in the middle of an intersection after a red light. When it stalled, he described it as, "it started shaking and shuttering. All the electronics shut off and it took about 15 minutes for it fire back up."
I pretty much have it narrowed down to 3 possible issues; crank shaft position sensor, idle air sensor, altitude sensor. I know that all 3 of those possibilities will not immediately produce an error code, if one at all. I hooked my code reader up to it anyway and I got nothing out of it. These are all fairly probable causes for it to stall. From his description, I am leaning towards the crank shaft position sensor. But why would the crank shaft position sensor cause the electronics to shut down with the ignition on?
So far I haven't found any issues with the alternator or transmission(that would cause it to stall).
Does anyone have some advice to throw my way, besides cleaning/testing the sensors and checking the grounds(basic initial diagnosis steps).
All other suggestions of what to look for will be helpful. Thanks.
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