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rear air suspension

For the last year I've noticed the compressor for the rear air susp. turning on more regularly. 2 days ago the air susp light illuminated on the dash--as per manual--I turned on off the trunk switch--the light turned off. Then only to return "on" in 30 miles, or so, of driving. This probably is either a leaking "O' ring, line, or bags. Does anyone have experience with this prob. Cost estimates, Repair by Bagmaster, or metal Spring conversion? I'd like possibly to consider the springs as a less expensive alternative. Has anyone done this? Who (company) would obtain/replace the bags with springs.(Midas?) 1992 Lincoln Town Car


  • This is so specific and limited in scope, that I'll bet if you posted the problem under a Lincoln topic you'd find someone with experience in this matter.
  • The shocks are shot, it costs about $1000 to get them replaced. I have a friend that just had it done. It's a common problem with the Town Car and Grand Marquis. I don't think that they make a replacement springs for the air bag shocks, but there might be a coil over set up out there.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Do you have a true air ride system that uses air bags in place of the coil springs or do you have the coil springs with air adjustable shocks? This makes a HUGE difference in the price of a repair.
  • bburton1bburton1 Posts: 395
    A friend has a Lincoln with air suspension-said the system costs $1k/corner plus labor. He did not know of any aftermarket products. Do a search on Google.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550

    Scroll down to Air Suspension Elimination Kits.

  • gdblakegdblake Posts: 18
    Thank you for the answers. I really appreciate all of you! I got frustrated after talking to Bagmasters--$190-229 per bag, $38.50 Diagnosis--then conversation on maybe needing a new compressor--Even after I told them it was pumping fine, they said they would check to see if it was enough--otherwise about $300 for a new one. That got me very nervous!! I found a mechanic yesterday, who replaced the bags with coil springs (one was "flat"--no air), with an aftermarket spring kit. It's probably like a CV or GM now. $106 for the springs, $60.50-labor, with tax-$177.28 out the door. Car is fine--not quite as good as the air-but a plenty fine ride for a '92 T/C. The bags came out--springs fit in nicely after releasing the shock attachment bolt and dropping the axle to insert it. The instructions for the spring replacement of the air bags and the inst. for turning off the air susp. light on the dash were included (and easy) in the spring kit. The kit is made by Federal-Mongul Corp.(made in USA), "Cargo Coil" CC849, if anyone else is interested. Thank you, Again.
  • And thank you for the report. It is reassuring for others to not "fear" Lincoln suspensions as money sponges!(:o]
  • I just had my air bags changed out and my 96 TC is riding like a dream. The air bags were dry rotted and they wanted $190 apiece to replace them. I decided not to go down this road since I figured the compressor would be the next thing to go. Does anyone know how to turn off the "Check Air Suspension" light that comes on after starting the car? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  • dvcla7dvcla7 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 town car with the rear air suspension problem. I have just ordered the replacement springs from arnott ind. Anyone had any experience with this changeover? and what is it like after converting? I'm told it's a simple change and will not affect the ride or steering>
  • Well, if it's a light, take the bulb out. If it's a readout from your electronic message display, (because I can't remember for sure which dash you have) that's a problem. I expect a Lincoln tech could figure out how to fool the computer into thinking all is well with the system that is no longer there......
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    I had forgotten about the "toys tax" at the end of the warranty period on these things. glad I didn't take the one that had the automatic height adjustment. the horror stories still have the same approximate bottom line.
  • gdblakegdblake Posts: 18
    Denwholey, If you remove the plastic trim "screws" from the carpet at the air bag switch in the trunk, and the screws to the exposed switch/module, you can remove the module. Then find the green wire (#11-I think) and disconnect it and fold it into the wire packet, this will put the light out and stop the compressor. This way, if you ever wanted to re-connect it-nothing would be cut. If you have probs. with this I can find the instructions that came in the spring box in the attic and copy the instructions to put the light out for you. Please post your e-mail address if you need this. G Blake
  • gdblakegdblake Posts: 18
    DVCLA7- As I've posted previously, I did it and the ride is fine--haven't noticed a diminished ride quality
  • Get springs at Autozone for $80!!! Theres a replacment kit,,, takes me 1 1/2 hours to take out and install... You wont notice a difference in ride quality, GREAT kit, and cant leave you stranded with no rear suspention !!!!

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