2006 PT Cruiser 2.4 automatic (UK) whining/crunch when changes from 3rd to 4th

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Hi a new problem on my PT 57,000 miles ... I've done about 5k since purchasing it and had a service as history was missing.

When accelerating and the auto changes from 3rd under revs to 4th it's giving a 1/4 second 'whine' like a bearing or gear is still spinning at speed, small 'clunk' then it's absoutely fine, the acceleration power seems to be fine so this seems like the gear change itself was fine.

No problems with lower gear changes, no problems going back to 3rd.

Plently of oil, looks clean ... Perhaps too much oil actually but need to recheck on a flatter surface.

Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation.


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    Ok, no DTC fault codes.. Other than I need a new downstream O2 sensor p0138 so unrelated.

    However when driving the car today to an automatic transmission specialist using manual gear method I noted that when I accidentally went to quickly in 2nd the car changed to 3rd and the same noise occurred. Btw specialist said no DTC codes so needs a rebuild .. £600 to £1600, didn't bother looking beyond codes or driving that's the range... Scrap the car he said.

    New theory... It's not the transmission.

    When the car changes down the engine rpm also drops rapidly from say 3-4k to 2-2.5k, and I think the noise might actually be related to the engine speed rapidly reducing than the gear change, if I change manually from 3-4 no problem at lower rpm. (So great car if I keep rpm below 3k)!

    Note also, When idling at low revs there is a tapping, years ago when I worked on cars as a teenager there were tapits... And the sound I hear at low revs sounds like a poorly adjusted tapits.. Once upon a time, not sure that it's the same now but you used a feeler gauge to set a very small gap between a rocker arm and the top of the closed valve. To much gap and it 'tapped' and the valve didn't fully open when depressed. No idea if the PT has these in the 2.4 petrol? But I think not?

    Anyway, anyone got experience with engine rattle when rpm drops quickly or perhaps when RPM exceeds 3-4k ( as it only gets up to there normally at the 3rd to 4th gear change and only momentarily hence I'd thought the transmission was at fault) ????

    Is this symptomatic of a cam belt issue, I believe they fail at 80-100 on this model??

    Any other suggestions before I send a good car to the scrap yard as with an engine fault that's where it's most likely to have to go. Unfortunately I don't have the ££££ to gamble on a cambelt replacement plus O2 sensors and the two cam sensors and I think advice was also water pump... If I don't have reasonable degree of certainty that this will give me back a good car.

    Any reasonably priced Chrysler mechanics in the UK? A friend has a Volvo specialist who comes to your place and works on projects with you for a very reasonable rate ;) I don't mind doing the bulk of the work but something like aligning the cambelt I think is best with some experience...
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