2014 Scion xD 1.8L Rims

bandit10bandit10 Member Posts: 28
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Hello. I want to dress up my Scion with new Rims or Wheels. My Rims are 16.8 or 16.6 because of their size all places I gone to for new Rims have told me I have to get either a slightly smaller rim or slightly large rim. I have 2 concerns. Inaccurate speedometer reading and possably a warranty void. If there is a size anyone feels that would give a proper fit please post the Rim and Width size. for this Scion. Many thanks.


  • gojdgo123gojdgo123 Member Posts: 15
    It's not only the rims but tires can also make a huge difference in altering the mph computer readings.
    I think you can find 17" rims for Scion with 35-45 offset such as Motegi or Vision wheels.
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