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imageMottled Seat Design - 2015 Hyundai Sonata Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds notices some interesting striping on the seat inserts of its long-term 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport. Some might even call the design

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  • emajoremajor Member Posts: 332
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    Honestly, that pattern looks like it could be on a rental 2005 Accent, and in that sickly pale beige that shows every single smudge and stain. Or is it a gray? It's horrible, it's not even a color.

    I take this post to mean that driving the 2.4 Sonata is less exciting than discussing the difference between near homonyms.

    We told you to get the 1.6 Eco. Or the donkey-slow 2.0 Sport. At least then there would be something to write about.
  • markinnaples_markinnaples_ Member Posts: 251
    I have a rental 2015 Sonata and I am just really disappointed. The lack of standard features is ridiculous, the acceleration is merely adequate, it vibrates strangely at idle, the stereo isn't clear, the dash and controls aren't very ergonomic or natural, etc. About the only good point of the Sonata is the decent gas mileage. I've considered possibly a Hyundai Genesis or Equus in the past, but if this is any indication of their quality and overall functionality, I think I'll still with a Benz.
  • misterfusionmisterfusion Member Posts: 471
    @markinnaples: That's disappointing to hear about the Sonata, I had rather high hopes for it. In fairness, I haven't ever heard or read any such complaints about the Genesis or Equus (both of which use a different platform & powertrains than the Sonata). Couldn't hurt to at least take a look at them.
  • markinnaples_markinnaples_ Member Posts: 251
    misterfusion, you're probably right and I may still consider them. I suggest you check it out for yourself, of course, but it was just a disappointment for a 2015 model of any car. Cheers.
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