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Ok, just got my oil change for the very first time on a 2002 Explorer XLT with the 4.6L V8. Got home, checked the invoice and it said they put in 5qts of oil. However, I read on the owners manual and it indicated for the 4.6L V8, it has a 6 qts oil capacity. Checked the dipstick, oil is now sitting just a tad above the "min" mark. My concern is, I got this oil change from the dealer, shouldn't they know the V8 requires 6 qts of oil?? Anyone else have trouble with that?


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    and should have checked!
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    they are very careless about this sort of thing - good for you for checking!

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    take it back and demand them to top it off (forgot to do it).

    Make sure they used the correct oil also (5w20 or whatever is listed in the owner's manual)
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    also have him wash out the carbon paper thoroughly and sort out the used skyhooks and put them back overhead so they're handy for hanging stuff on again.

    they'll never learn unless it's 'splained to them that until the new oil filter has had oil run through it, it won't hold the quart it's supposed to. when it HAS been run, the engine will be a quart low. that's when you put in the last quart if you're paranoid about too much oil in the crankcase.
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    Some of the current Caddys take 7 quarts IIRC but the oil change morons only put in 5 because some service manual printed in 1986 says so.

    I agree that you should take it back ASAP and have them fix it. Although I have no respect for the latest crummy 5W-20 oily water stuff they're putting in.

    5w-20 is bad enough; a quart low? You'll have a dead engine in no time!
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    added 1/2 qt myself and it's sitting right in the middle of the "min" and "max" mark. I guess I will just leave it at that.

    that 5w-20 is really really thin, you're right about that, bretfraz. perhaps it is as good as syn oil?

    does anyone own a 2002 or 2003 ford explorer xlt with a V8 in it? thanks... I have a question.
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    todays oils are thinner 'cuz the engines are made to closer tolerances. I suspect that using thicker oils would cause scuffed rings and assorted bad stuff because the oil's got to get into small gaps.

    OTOH it's probably even more crical not to let it get low.

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