GMC Acadia Intake Manifold Tuning Valve

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I have had an ongoing - annual - issue with my IMT valve for the last three years. It usually starts to appear in the January timeframe and then completely fails around February. I've noticed this issue when it is particularly cold outside. When I reach a speed of 30 crossing into 40 miles an hour the engine begins to shudder. At the end of the 4 week shuddering period the IMT Valve code pops and the engine goes into "half engine mode". Thankfully I have had extended warranty coverage to pick up my costs for the last two years....but once again the shuddering started last week and it's only a matter of time until I go to 1/2 engine mode and need to pay the full amount since my warranty is up.
I saw an earlier post asking why GMC has not noticed this as an ongoing issue and if there are any plans to resolve it or simply have the customers deal with it on an ongoing basis. Although I will take this vehicle to the final mile - if GMC does not resolve it - it will be the last GM product I purchase. I hope someone on this forum has had any luck with a permanent solution.....
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